Worth Mentioning #9 – Lazy Sunday Edition

What a week.  No matter how much we like visitors, it’s always so nice to get our house back to ourselves when they leave.  Selfish?  Perhaps.  But that’s the way it goes.  So what have we been doing?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  It’s a glorious lazy Sunday here.  And since I can’t say (much less type) those two words in succession without remembering this viral video, here’s your flashback for the week… this one to just 2009.


Love From Others

Planting Our Pennies got a few mentions around the web this week that we want to acknowledge.


Love For Others

  • Perhaps one of the best posts of the week – Bridget at Money After Graduation brings it home with A Spouse Is Not An Alternative Income Stream.  My thoughts on this post ran something along the lines of “Preach it, sister!” and felt like we should be having a near-religious revival.  Even if you don’t want to read the post, go there just for the gifs.  Well worth it.
  • L Bee from LBee and the Money Tree wrote a guest post hosted by Jeremy at Modest Money on the Benefits of Working Part Time.  Mad props to L Bee for knowing her passions and going for them.  I hope that when we reach financial independence our lives will look a bit more like L Bee’s does right now.  Getting to devote time to work she’s really passionate about, sounds like a pretty sweet deal.


That’s about all I’ve got the energy for today… too lazy!  So read up and enjoy!

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