Worth Mentioning #8

Well, my mom is here. Apologies must be made in advance because we may not be the most responsive over the next week or so as I do my best to make sure she doesn’t learn about our personal finances – or the blog! And by that I mean being a good hostess. =) I’m not that evil.


Doesn’t he look drunk? He sleeps like this on a fairly regular basis and you can just imagine a bottle of booze in the paw that’s just out of the frame…

And while I’m being a good hostess (IRL) for mommy dearest, I hope that we are serving as good hosts here for you at our little corner of the internet. We hope that you like what you are reading – and invite more of you to join in the conversations that we’re having in the comments, too! And if you find yourself coming back here… why not just go ahead and sign up to have our posts emailed to you? Or delivered fresh to your RSS reader? Click on the lovely colorful box links to the right… we’re also on Facebook and “the Twitter”.


Love From Others


Love For Others

  • If you haven’t yet seen this post on Getting By On $1,000,000 A Year, read it. Lifestyle inflation can be a dangerous path to go down.
  • iHeartBudgets talks about how he likes to give money a name in How the Latte Factor Works in Real Life. He talks about how he and his wife “named” their accounts to help them when they were adding up little amounts to make some big progress on debt and savings goals.
  • Corey at 20’s Finances wrote about how His Wife Voluntarily Took a Pay Cut. Similar to Mr. PoP when he took a minimum wage job, Corey’s wife took less money in the short term to go with a job that she had more long term growth opportunities. Way to think for the long run, and we wish you the best!


And since no one can say it like Porky, I’ll leave the closing remarks to him today.


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