Worth Mentioning #7


We were reminded of Mr. Money Mustache when out browsing World Market the other night. Don’t worry MMM, we didn’t buy these or anything else!

I was at the dollar store this week, and right next to the several rows of Halloween goodies I saw it and was terrified. An aisle full of Christmas decorations. So far it’s only a single aisle – I’m sure it will grow to occupy all the Halloween space when that holiday passes (in 5 weeks!) – but wow. Christmas decorations for sale in mid-September. Does anyone else feel like this year seems to be flying by?

Before we lose any more time and find ourselves in 2013, let’s recap where you could have found Planting Our Pennies around the late senator Stevens’ series of tubes this week.


Love From Others


Love For Others

  • If you want your heart strings tugged, read See Debt Run‘s post The Boy With The Special Heart: A Story of Riches. I’ve known too many people that have had unexpected complications with birth and infants to not be terrified of the possibilities. But, this one turns out well as the baby is now fine after heart surgery.
  • Mr. Money Mustache challenges all the beginner Mustachians in Is It Convenient? Would I Enjoy It? Wrong Question to question whether they really need the things they think they do. “If you still need to work for money, or at the very least, if you’re not saving at least 50% of your take-home pay, you can not afford it. Where ‘it’ is anything.” Mr. Money Mustache – we salute your bad-assity. And, for the record, we refrained from purchasing the mustache stickers in the picture. I think too many World Market customers had trouble trying to justify that impulse buy as it sat in the clearance bin.
  • And tying back to the weekend’s theme of being shocked at rampant consumerism and seeing holiday decorations for sale in mid-September, Corey at 20’s Finances decides that by encouraging us to spread our holiday spending out into September, we’re only fooling ourselves into thinking we’re responsible – instead we’re feeding a consumer addiction. See if you agree with his reasoning in his post: Holiday Planning: Teaching Responsibility or Encouraging Spending?




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  • I am not ready for Christmas decorations yet! It’s not even Halloween! I’m already ready for the holidays to be over =(

  • I’m definitely not ready for Christmas decorations! I’m still in Summer mode personally, but I am ready to start *thinking about* Halloween costumes. That’s all though! Thanks for including my post. I’m sorry I tugged on your heart strings. Little Grayson has been tugging on all of ours over here! He’s doing great! He’s so chubby and healthy now!