Worth Mentioning #6

The last week has just flown by here in the PoP household. The weather is finally starting to get a few degrees cooler and we’re getting to those few perfect weeks in Florida where

  • it’s not blazing hot
  • the snowbirds haven’t yet arrived so traffic isn’t insane
  • the summer vacationers have all left for the summer

and we full-time residents get to really enjoy a few weeks of calm serenity before things start to pick up again in October. We joke about the inconveniences, but we really do love living here year round – even when we share this little slice of paradise with all the kind retirees and tourists who kindly subsidize our taxes here. We appreciate you, we really do. =)



Isn’t this classic Rolls Royce a beauty? Shame that’s definitely not a parking spot she’s parked in!

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Love From Others

If you saw Planting Our Pennies elsewhere on the interwebs this week and we missed it – drop us a comment and we will be sure to correct this egregious mistake.


Love For Others

  • Sam over at Financial Samurai had some great timing this weekend, posting I’m Rich, B***:The Things Rich People Do That Annoy where he took a picture of an expensive car parked carelessly across a couple of parking spaces. The amazing timing was that not a few hours later, Mr. PoP and I ran across this classic Rolls Royce parked in a loading zone. Lest we think they were just loading/unloading, it was there when we walked past one way and still there when we walked back 20 minutes later. I love it when cars do ridiculous things, and the stories are just so much funnier when the cars are crazy expensive.
  • FemmeFrugality made me literally laugh out loud with When Appropriate Behavior Yields To Stinginess when she gave a 3-year-old boy a gift in a Victoria Secret bag. You know, the hot pink bags that are clearly meant for ladies undies? But her point is valid – when does frugality (or stinginess) cause us to cross the line of socially acceptable behavior? I guess it depends a lot on your peer group!
  • I am 1 Percent asks his readers – Should I Be Using a Financial Planner? Our take on it is that you want to make sure the advice your getting is worth the cost. Perhaps I am 1 Percent should pay a fee only planner for a couple hours to go through their books and make sure there isn’t additional diversification/cost savings/tax advantages/alpha that he can find in his overall financial portfolio. But given his assets, to pay an advisor a fixed fee of say 1% of his portfolio is A LOT OF MONEY, and probably not worth it since the change between I Am 1 Percent’s portfolio performance and the advisors might be minimal (if anything).

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