Worth Mentioning #4

Happy Labor day weekend (if you’re in the US)! Hope everyone enjoys having tomorrow off.



Milk, it does a body good! But not a laundry hamper.

PoP Lesson of the Week

Don’t cry over spilled milk. But more importantly, don’t leave the rags you used to wipe it up in the bottom of the laundry hamper to get ripe for a few days.

Seriously. Don’t try it at home. It was gross.


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And now for the weekly mentions…

Love From Others


Love For Others

There was a lot out there this week, but since everyone wants to be out at a barbeque or at the beach, I’ll keep it brief.

  • J Money at Budgets Are Sexy provided a Baby Costs Update. Considering how terrified I am of the cost of children (and you know, of the poop and spit-up), I’m curious to watch someone actively track how much they spend on their kid.
  • Congrats to Ginna at My Pretty Pennies who signed up to run Her First Marathon. Hopefully the first of many, I say. Good luck!
  • Ben at Ready For Zero had a new take on the middle school game “Would You Rather?” asking – would you rather have a million dollars or live a million dollar lifestyle? Our answer – we want a million (or two!) in the bank, and a $40K lifestyle. We’re trying hard for both!


That’s it. Have a good rest of the long weekend!


4 comments to Worth Mentioning #4

  • Happy Labor Day to you! Are you firing up the grill this weekend? I’m heading out to Laguna Beach for the day. Thanks for mentions here by the way.

    • Thanks! Same to you! Mr PoP has a couple of friends visiting this weekend, so the grill has already been used and will likely be used a couple more times before they head back home. It was a glorious morning at the beach out here – the dolphins were jumping! Hope you have a blast as well.

  • Oh wow. I’m dairy-free as I have an awful reaction every time I even try a little lactose-free, so I just steer clear. I wonder if I would find it even grosser than most people..ha. Happy Labor Day!