Worth Mentioning #39 – Thanksgiving Edition

I’ve been bad about doing these “thank you” posts for a while now.  But Thanksgiving weekend felt like an apropos time to get back in the habit of thanking other bloggers for sharing and sharing their stuff, too.  Plus it provided me an excellent opportunity to share this picture of Kitty PoP I snapped when I made him wear his Halloween costume this year!

Cat in Lion Costume

He loves it.  I swear.  =)


Love For Others

Slug at Sunk Costs Are Irrelevant takes a look at Net Worth Trends in 2013 and notes that the bull run in the market has definitely put a skip in his step when it comes to net worth progress over the last year.  It feels like we’ve been saying the same thing in nearly every balance sheet update these days.  (Preview for November’s update to come this week… again.  Jeeez!)

Emily at Evolving PF asks whether we’re all just working for money or if there’s some deeper meaning behind it all for many, herself included.  I think most people, even if they like large chunks of their jobs, maintain that there is at least a small (though realistically often large) portion of it that they would not do were they not required to do so for pay or to curry favor with someone else at the job.

Ross at Cash Rebel takes a look at whether introverts or extroverts earn more.  I think the data is skewed (not Ross’ fault!) but not sure by how much.  So for me, the jury is still out.

Paula at Afford Anything tries her hand at writing an allegory with wonderful results when she writes about the Epic Saga of Kant and Able.  I don’t want to spoil the story, but it should be read by all.

Lastly, please stop by and congratulate both Retired by 40 and ND Chic’s Cents on the arrival of new tiny humans into their lives over the last month.  You’ve both got much to be thankful for this year.



Love From Others

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