Worth Mentioning #38 – Backpack Edition

The other day I was talking with a colleague at work who was complaining about having to buy her kid yet ANOTHER backpack for the new school year. Her kid is a lot like I was when I was in high school: taking honors and AP classes and lugging around multiple text books and notebooks around at any given time. And that’s rough on backpacks. When stuffed to capacity and lugging serious weight in books around, the backpacks take a beating.


This one has been sent back at least once that I can remember for new zippers!

But what my colleague didn’t realize was that all these backpacks have lifetime warranties. See, her kid (like me when I was in school) carries Jansport backpacks. And all of their backpacks come with lifetime warranties, which my siblings and I used multiple times.

Though I haven’t used Jansport’s warranty in about a decade, it was really easy to use. You basically sent the backpack back using this form and in a month or two they’d send you your backpack back good as new. This saved our family so much money when we were in school lugging tons of books around.

So if your kid deemed their Jansport backpack from last year unusable because of a tear or a broken zipper or any other problem, check out their warranty page and try sending it in! My colleague is doing so, and hopes to not have to buy her kid another backpack for the rest of his high school career.


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