Worth Mentioning #37 – Vote In The Plutus Awards

Okay, summer’s over.  Got that mother nature?  School buses are back on the roads.  Kids are back in school.  And in one final attempt to make mother nature realize that I wanted it to be winter this week, I went ahead and cooked up a big batch of my TVP chili, something I don’t usually do when it’s 90+ degrees and 90%+ humidity outside.  And yet, it’s still hot out.  Ah well…

In the personal finance community, there’s one additional marker to the end of summer and that’s the annual nominations for the Plutus Awards.   These are awards that let  readers show which blogs they read and appreciate.   There’s only one round of voting (though for some reason it’s called nominating), so feel free to participate and vote for your favorite PF blogs in a huge variety of categories over here.  And bonus points for anyone who can tell me a (plausible) explanation for why the awards are called “Plutus”.


Love From Others

Thanks so much to everyone for sharing our posts.  =)


Love For Others

  • My favorite article the past couple weeks is Matt’s (from Mom and Dad Money), writing over at the new joint venture Economag in Am I A Hypocrite For Liking Kanye West? Matt seems to sense a disconnect in his love of the beats and rhythms and emotions of the rap artists’ music and the values that Matt works to embody in his daily life.  Personally, I think Matt’s being too hard on himself here.  This was the comment I left on his post:  “I can’t identify with rap (heck, I couldn’t even pick out a Kanye West song if my life depended on it), but I don’t think the lyrics of a song need to define you. If that were the case, it would have been VERY weird that my favorite song in elementary school was about a woman who murdered her paramour and then was strung up and hung by a lynch mob.”  And if anyone can name what song that is, I’ll be very impressed.  Such a great song, yet no one ever knows it!
  • Over at Disease Called Debt,  A Little Perspective Went A Long Way when her young child toppled into a river.  Debt and financial problems can seem pretty trivial in an emergency like that.  And luckily, everyone is fine.
  • And lastly, Sunk Costs Are Irrelevant posted the end results of his Investment In The World Series of Poker.  Long story short, he purchased a share in a professional poker player’s tournament winnings for the summer, and his investment didn’t go all that well.



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