Worth Mentioning #36 – Overdue Edition

20130602-180307.jpgJuly has come and gone, now.  It’s actually hard to believe how quickly it flew by.  The local kids have been out in full force enjoying the last couple weeks of summer vacation and I’ve spotted them skateboarding, fishing, and hanging out on the beach a lot lately despite the heat.   And I use the word heat as a relative term.  So far this has been a pretty mild summer in our area, so we’ve been quite lucky compared to a lot of our friends up north and out west that have endured some serious heat waves this year.

We’ve also been enjoying our summer a bit, well… in between all the DIY work at the duplex, that is.  So, I’ve been a bit too neglectful in some of these Thank You posts lately…  sorry about that!  We really do appreciate everyone that takes the time to share our writing.  =)


Love From Others

Credit Forums recently released their latest free e-book, 21 Days to Healthier Finances, and we contributed Day (page) 2, on calculating your net worth.  IMHO, the book is a great intro to the personal finance blogosphere and some of the ideas and opinions that are out there.  Credit Forums did a great job pulling the work of 21 bloggers into a pretty sweet little package.  Check it out.  After all, free is a pretty powerful price point.

Over at 1500 Days, you can catch a guest post that we put together for their new series on side hustles.  Ours is Side Hustle Spotlight – Profiting On Property with Planting Our Pennies.  Mad props go out to Mr. 1500 for the über-alliterative title, and also to Student Debt Survivor for sharing that post in her August Survivor’s Standouts.

Quizzle shared out post Does Anyone Care About YOUR Money More Than YOU? in their Top 5 Weekly Reads.

Cash Rebel seems as excited about our garage renovation planning as we are – perhaps even more so since he’s not going to have to do any of the work!  And was kind enough to share it in Physics, Baseball, and Apple Pie.

Critical Financial included our post Looking For A Home: Don’t Ignore Small Houses in The History of the Greenback.

Mr. PoP’s posts have been PoP-ular (sorry, couldn’t resist) lately.  His most recent on moving into a $100K/year sales gig from a “worthless” philosophy major  was highlighted by Club Thrifty in Kiplinger and Lifehacker Link Love,  by Outlier Model in Weekly Updates, by Funny About Money in Weekend Explorations, and by Streets Ahead Living in What You Missed Last Week.

Mr PoP’s other recent post on Why We’re Hoping For A Net Worth Drop (spoiler alert for tomorrow’s post, didn’t happen in July!), was shared by Cents and Sensibility in Sweet Savage Love, and by Funny About Money in her awesome Carnival of Personal Finance Fireworks Edition.  If you love fireworks, head on over and check out the great shots that one of her photographer friends managed to get of their local July 4th fireworks display.

Mom and Dad Money shared our Part 2 of our thoughts on Real Estate Leverage in The Key To Your Investment Success.

Money and Potatoes shared our He Said She Said on the Habits of Wealthy People in The Potato Sack.  And yes, it’s potato, not potatoe, Mr Quayle.


Stacking Benjamins (Average Joe’s fabulous new site) was very impressed with our DIY linoleum job, and shared it in Time To Stack.

Making Sense of Cents is looking at making some pretty big changes in her life between a wedding and a switch to self-employment, but still took time to ponder on our post Loving Where You Live in Bridal Shower.

Evolving PF included Why I Don’t Like the Word Saving in her Favorite Posts of the Week.

And last, but not least, Start Freelancing Now included my ode to illness, Get Fit and Get Rich, in the Carnival of Personal Finance #420.

If there were any thank you’s we’ve missed, please let us know!


Love For Others

For more potato excitement, Katrina at Canadian Budget Binder shows how to grow organic potatoes in a recycling bin. While I don’t think they’d fit in my awesome vertical garden, Katrina makes it look easy enough to give it a shot.  Surely whatever grows well in Canada will grow well in Florida, right?  =)

Now whenever Mr PoP makes fun of me for listening to audiobooks, I can point to the WSJ‘s recent discussion on The New Explosion in Audiobooks to defend myself against accusations of being an “old person”.  While I still love cozying up with a nice print edition book, the sheer amount of time I spend running and now biking means that podcasts and audiobooks are a way for me to keep up on more of my popular reading (currently working my way through all the 2012 Fiction Bestsellers) while not feeling guilty about the runs or bike rides cutting into my reading time.

Pauline from Reach Financial Independence, and now also Make Money Your Way, is committed to donating 10% of her blog income (a pretty significant income, BTW) to sponsor a child.  Specifically, she’s planning on funding educational opportunities for young girls in the Guatemalan village where she now lives.  That is pretty awesome, and a wonderful way to give back to the community she’s living in very directly.

NBC News recently highlighted the story of Yolanda Williams, describing how expensive being poor really is.  When I read about Yolanda cashing her paycheck at a check-cashing place because she didn’t think it was worth it to have a bank when the money would never add up to anything, my heart broke a little.  “Pound foolish, given how expensive those check cashing places are,” I thought.  But then I read this piece in the NYTimes describing how millions are denied bank accounts based on a database that tracks individuals former banking misdeeds.  (Think like your credit report, but smaller offenses go on it and it’s apparently much harder to correct.)  So now I’m wondering if there’s more to Yolanda’s story on why she doesn’t have a bank account.  Both articles are food for thought and provide a view into circumstances I’ve never had to live through.

Mr PoP’s pick of the week is this thread in the Ask A Mustachian section of the Mr Money Mustache forums where a lawyer asks for advice on his IBR (income based repayment) plan for the $400K worth of student loans he and his wife accumulated while they both attended law school and the “permanently affordable” housing they’ve bought into in Colorado.  Overall the message from the community is to stop trying to cut expenses to stay under IBR requirements and to man up, increase the income, and pay off the $400K in loans and then some.  But there are some interesting tangents along the way…

And lastly, Kim from Eyes on the Dollar just celebrated 1 Year of Blogging.  Congrats, Kim, and cheers to more to come!   Feel free to help her celebrate by entering her $100 giveaway.


Have a great rest of your weekend!

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