Worth Mentioning #35 – RIP Google Reader

If you’re a regular user of Google Reader it should come as no shock that Google’s pulling the plug on its reader tonight.  Farewell, Google Reader!  You will be missed. But for PoP readers who are still looking to get their fix of blogs after Google Reader is gone for good, feel free to subscribe via email, or migrate your Google Reader Feeds to Feedly or BlogLovin‘ (two alternative readers that seem to be absorbing a lot of the slack).

When you migrate before Google Reader shuts down, you’ll be able to download your organization structure directly to your new reader.  So good luck!


It’s been far too long since I had a chance to thank those who have been sharing our posts, so here goes.


Love From Others 

Thanks to everyone who has shared PoP posts recently!  If there’s anyone we missed thanking, please let us know!  =)


Love For Others

  • Anna from Are Ya Gonna Eat That took a big step and told her fiance about the debt she’s been digging herself out of.  Way to go, Anna!
  • Bankers Anonymous shares Why You Hate Your Bank.  Do not read if prone to high blood pressure or hypertension.  Relating to his “customer service” experience could push you over the edge.
  • Jordann from My Alternate Life got hitched!  And spilled the details of how much the wedding cost her.  It’s more than we spent (eloping is awesome!), but way less than the typical wedding.  Congrats, Jordann!
  • Mr 1500 of 1500 Days aired some dirty laundry in Thursday Rant: Hoarding Madness!  Good luck to the 1500’s in the downsizing and with the ants!
  • Phoebe at All You Need Is Enough is planning for a baby… and they’re not even pregnant yet!  Now that’s planning ahead to get some bargains.  Wow.  But looks like she’s gotten some amazing garage sale deals!
  • Emily at Evolving PF digs up some statistics comparing 30 year olds today (that’s me and Mr PoP!) and compares us to 30-year-olds in 1960s.  Asking whether we’re stuck in adolescence.  Interesting comments…


Have a good week!

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