Worth Mentioning #34


Why did the turtle cross the road? Well… it didn’t, actually.

It’s a nice relaxing weekend here in the PoP household, just trying to get caught up on a few items before the week starts in earnest tomorrow. We got some pretty heavy rain that disoriented a few of the local turtles.  Luckily Mr. PoP is a turtle saver, so we just had to pull over and rescue this little guy from the middle of the road.  He was pretty excited when Mr. PoP dropped him on the other side of the road near a lake.

This is going to be a pretty short Worth Mentioning here today, since tomorrow we are hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance (submit your post today to be included!), and we’ll be highlighting some more great articles there.

So without further adieu…


Love From Others

Thanks so much to you all for sharing PoP posts this week! If there are any mentions that we’ve missed, don’t hesitate to give us a heads up.


Love For Others

  • JD Roth, now of More Than Money, wrote much of All You Need To Know About Blogging about 6 years ago. And the words are still true today. A nice reminder that even though our graphics aren’t fancy, hopefully we’re starting some interesting discussions and contributing productively to this pf community since we seem to be getting so much out of it.
  • Jordann at My Alternate Life writes about how she Needs More Friends Her Age. We live in God’s waiting room – seriously, some of the retirees even jokingly call it that, so we can definitely empathize. The thing is, no matter how old your friends are, comparing yourself and holding yourself to their standards can be a hard road – whether they’re 5 years younger than you, 5 years older, or even 50 years older. As we get older, we’re finding more and more that it’s common interests that matter when it comes to friendships, not age group or stage in life.
  • Funny About Money provides an important reminder of drug side effects in Harmless OTC Drugs – When Will I Learn? It’s amazing the side effects that we can have from some of these crazily common drugs.
  • On an amusing note, Holly at Club Thrifty has discovered that Freelancing Is Making Her Fat. The grilled cheese looks pretty fabulous, but too many of those and not moving all day and I can see why Holly has run into this little dilemma.
  • And the award for creative investment opportunity of the week goes out to Sunk Costs Are Irrelevant for pondering (and I hope going through with) an Investment in the World Series of Poker. I’m wishing the best of luck to your budding in his summer poker tournaments, and am curious as to how this little non-traditional investment will fare.


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