Worth Mentioning #33 – I <3 The Internet

So the last few weeks have been rough in the PoP household.  We were having problems with our internet connection, and went back and forth with our ISP multiple times because we kept losing our connection.  (Tragedy!  Absolute Tragedy!)

At one point, we had a nice repairman out to our house an he suggested trying out a new modem.  Here’s how the interaction went:

Repairman: (trying to figure out if the replacement DSL modem in his truck would suit us) How many devices do you guys connect to your router with?

Me: Regularly?  8? 9 if you count the printer that’s connected to enable wireless printing.

Repairman: (eyes bogging out of head) What?

Me: We each have a work laptop, a personal laptop, a tablet, and a wifi enabled smartphone.  This is normal right?

Repairman:  (says with slight disgust while shaking his head) Young people.  Jeez.

Someone tell me we’re totally normal for having that many devices.  Right?  Totally normal?

Anyhow, we’ve now had 48+ hours of solid connection, and are knocking on every piece of wood we pass to keep the connection lasting indefinitely.


Love From Others

Because of our cruddy internet connection, we weren’t around the pf blogosphere and sharing as much as we would have liked to be, but some great bloggers were sharing our posts and we owe them tons of thanks.


Love For Others

  • Mr. PoP and I have been talking about developing some kind of “happiness tracking” system, with the idea being that when we track our money, we tend to do much better at having more of it, and maybe this same idea could apply to other areas of our lives that we want to keep boosting – like happiness!  So, when Kathleen over at Frugal Portland posted Chasing Happiness Is A Fool’s Errand, I just had to read.  And you should to.  Kathleen’s come to her own conclusions about where she can find happiness and perhaps what she should be doing instead.  I’m hopeful she’ll have a follow-up on what she’s found later.
  • In a somewhat related vein, Nicole and Maggie ponder Man’s Search For Meaning in Part 1 – Which We Do Not Understand.  As usual with Nicole and Maggie, the comments from their great readers are great reading as well, and it warms my little pragmatic GSD heart to know there are more than a few out there like me who cannot fathom the purpose behind “searching for meaning” as a generic need.
  • Funny About Money had one of the most amusing community service experiences ever recently when she volunteered to participate in a fake jury trial for the purposes of training new prosecutors.  Read it, you will laugh.
  • In a more financial vein, Ross over at Cash Rebel discusses How To Run Marathons On A Budget, and I had to remind him that women runners wear these things called sports bras.  And they’re expensive.  =)  But other than that omission, great post and the message is clear.  Start out with the basics, and don’t go fancy until you’ve really proven you need it to take your running to the next level.
  • And lastly, Jen at the Happy Homeowner confesses some of the more Shameful Things She’s Done To Save Money.  Hers are hilarious, but some of the comments are pretty far out there as well.  Read.  Laugh.  Repeat.


That’s all for this week.  Have a great rest of the weekend!

21 comments to Worth Mentioning #33 – I <3 The Internet

  • Thanks for the link love! LOL…if the prosecutors’ training post was funny, it’s probably because I took along a Carl Hiassen novel to pass the idle moments.

    Young people? Say what? All the buzzards I know are as hyperconnected as I am. I have two computers, a printer, an Airport Express, and an ipad connected to the router, plus the land line with seven extensions also runs on the Cox cable. That would be five devices (for one person) connected to the router and 12 devices running off the cable.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Finds and LinksMy Profile

    • Ahh, I love a good Carl Hiassen novel. And they’re so much more amusing after having lived in south florida, you really can imagine the crazies wandering down Las Olas or on Lincoln Rd.

      12 devices – wow! I’m so glad that you’re hyperconected, too! I couldn’t believe the repairman. I know our neighbors across the way regularly skype with grandkids from tablets and have computers and everything.

  • We really do have awesome readers (who give trenchant and insightful comments). Look forward to Part II coming up soon.

    Thanks for the link love!
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  • CincyCat

    That sounds about right. At our house we have actually installed 2 routers (or whatever they’re called) to handle our network (both wireless & hardline). That way, we have a fail-over if something happens to one or the other. (We’re geeks, and proud of it…).

    The number of devices hitting the network varies, but we do have the following options: two laptops, two desktops, networked printer, tablet, iPad mini (which I won as a door prize, we are not an Apple household), a Wii which runs Netflix, and a Roku upstairs. That’s 9 devices, if my math is correct. If my husband switches to WiFi mode on his phone, that makes 10.

    By the way, Happy Mother’s Day (your furbaby absolutely counts in my book)!

    • Wow, love the geekiness factor of the backup router.

      Mother’s day was a bit of a disappointment yesterday. Publix typically gives out carnations to everyone they think looks “mothery”, and I apparently didn’t look mothery enough to get one this year. Or maybe they ran out. Either way, no carnation for me =(

  • Nine devices does seem like a lot but I see how you could get there! Connecting to our router we each have a laptop and a smartphone, plus one desktop and three gaming consoles. Several of those are wired connections, though. Kyle wants to get a tablet but it wouldn’t actually add functionality to our lives as far as I can tell.

    • You guys are at 8! 3 gaming consoles? Are you guys hardcore gamers?

      I like the tablet for ease and portability. It’s not an everything machine, but it’s small enough to do a fair amount without lugging the whole 13″ laptop around.

  • We have been having our internet connection cut out quite a bit recently as well and I think we’re going to have to bite the bullet and get a new router. I guess it makes sense because we only had one desktop when it was installed, and now we’re up to five connections, I believe.
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    • Have them test the router first! The repairman kept trying to say the problem was in our house, but the problem was actually the switch at the main office. I’m glad we didn’t shell out money for a new modem or router before figuring that out.

  • Haha… young people! We have about 3 in our house that’s about it. We don’t own any fancy gadgets but I don’t think it’s that unusual as many people do today.Have a great weekend.
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  • Totally normal for our household at least. Bf has 4 computers (1 for work, 2 he uses, 1 he’s “tinkering” with). I have a laptop, bf has an ipad, 4 smartphones between us (1 work, 1 personal each) and the wireless printer. We’re a repairman’s worst nightmare probably lol. Hope you had a good weekend.
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  • spiffi

    *totally* normal :)

    I live by myself and I counted 8 devices connecting to my wifi on a regular basis (tivo, desktop, laptop, 3 sonos players, current phone and old smartphone living in the bedroom as a tiny tablet/sonos controller)

  • Lucas

    one desktop, one laptop, one roku box, one OOMA box. So 4 for us :-) Printer has wireless support but is running on USB connection at moment as the wireless stoped working 100% at exactly 1 year out of initial setup (must be some bug in the thing). We had 2 smart devices at one point, but got rid of them as they were stealing to much of our precious time (and have been very glad that we did).

  • Just to wireless, we’ve got 4 laptops (two personal, two work), two cell phones, iPad, iPodTouch, Squeezebox, Squeezebox controller, 2 desktop computers, 1 AppleTV, and 1Wii. To wired we have 4 servers/routers/firewalls, PS3, and 2 AppleTVs. That doesn’t count the numerous friends that we give access to as well. (We actually have 2 APs for the wireless, so we don’t slow down the n stuff with the g only stuff.)

    At any given time, we’re looking at 9 on wireless, 7-ish on wired.
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  • Nice! Those are some serious connections. Your house might give our poor little DSL repairman a panic attack!