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Kitty PoP practicing his contorsion nap skills.

It has been a fairly surreal week. Between the craziness of Boston – where several runners I knew had flown up to run the marathon – and spending the latter half of the week traveling for work in an area where I used to live, it’s all seemed a bit like an alternate version of reality.

Luckily everyone we know who was around Boston this week is fine. Thank goodness. But there were too many “if I had run a little faster” or “if I had been a little slower” or “if I hadn’t turned around” that would have presented an absolutely awful secondary reality.

On the other hand, traveling for work and staying just a couple miles from my old early-twenties apartment has been a little weird. Staying in a neighborhood that I loved from afar (but never lived in since I was a couple miles away) brought about its own set of what ifs. “What if Mr PoP and I hadn’t worked out” or “What if the financial crisis hadn’t happened” or “What if I had wanted to maintain more independence”. I probably could have ended up living there. And being happy doing so. No regrets, of course. But good to know I probably would have been happy even if my life looked very different.

Surreality aside, we do have quite a few people to thank this week – so let’s get started.

Love From Others


Love For Others

If that weren’t enough reading material, check out our favorite posts from the past couple weeks.

  • Joanna and Johnny from Our Freaking Budget aren’t married to their current place of residence and are trying to seek out their forever home. To do so, they’re starting The OFB 50 States Project to get the low-down on the best places to live throughout the country and are asking for input. They’ve created a form for submissions for readers to sell their current locale, which they’ll compile into a nice little database to better figure out where they might be happy. I went in and filled in the form describing my love for the great state of South Florida. You should fill it out, too. Since you love where you live, right? And if you don’t love where you live, then won’t the OFB research be a benefit for you too?
  • Phil over at PT Money hosted a little credit card party for his family and posted his Credit Card App Party Results. Since he knew they had some big spending months coming up, Phil and his wife strategically applied for 5 cards with some pretty sizable bonuses and they scored big time. Check out his post for the details, but the value of the rewards he was able to stack up with a small (yet strategic) hit to his credit score is truly impressive.
  • Tania over at Budget and the Beach had a guest post this week from her cat, Pepe on the Need for An Emergency Fund. It’s cute, and funny, and written from a cat’s perspective. Definitely made me crack up during a weird week. Plus the video of Pepe at the bottom of the post is hilarious. That’s how Kitty PoP acts when he’s hanging out on the pool deck soaking in some rays.
  • Bridget at Money After Graduation has a solution of what I should do with all the coffee grinds that are leftover from Mr. PoP’s coffee habit – Use Coffee Grinds to Hide Cellulite. Weird! I don’t have much cellulite – according to family members I can look forward to it as I age – but I am definitely curious to hear if other people can confirm Bridget’s suggestion to see if it works. Also – would it stain your legs at all? I’m imagining it doubling as self-tanner.
  • Lastly, Frugal Zeitgeist and Jen from Happy Homeowner were both at the Boston Marathon this week. Frugal Zeitgeist wrote to let readers know she is fine. And Jen wrote down her thoughts in We Will Run – You Can’t Hide. I can’t say any words that would add to what they have already said. Just so glad that everyone is safe.


How has the week been for you guys? Any surreal moments? How did you take the news out of Boston?

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  • Thanks for the link. I always love reading your posts!

  • Thanks for the link love. I play that what if game from time to time, although some of it is depressing, like “what if I married my college boyfriend?” Or “what if I never took that weekend trip to Seattle and fell in love with it, prompting me to move there six months later?” In both cases I’d probably still be living in hell, I mean Michigan. lol! My surreal moment was locking myself out of the house yesterday…blog post to follow of course. :) Thanks for the link love! Pepe thanks you too!
    Budget and the Beach recently posted..Link Love/Week in Review 4/20/13My Profile

    • You’re welcome, Pepe! I bet Pepe’s glad you’re not in Michigan. He’d need a thicker coat for rolling on the sidewalk in the winter. =)

  • Yeehaw! We’ve had a really good initial response, so we appreciate you including us. And we’re definitely giving South Florida a long, hard look. With weather like you’ve got down there, we’d be crazy not to. Gotta have our Vitamin D.
    Johnny @ Our Freaking Budget recently posted..The OFB 50 States ProjectMy Profile

    • If you ever do get serious about S FL, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I’m not kidding when I say there are pockets for just about everyone down here. From rural to suburban to super urban and just about every combination thereof. And we all love our vitamin D. =)

  • Bf and I are both former Bostonians, so when we hear about the bombing we were terrified we knew someone who was hurt. Thankfully we didn’t personally know anyone, but our hearts still hurt for everyone who was impacted. I watched CNN for most of the night Monday and then Friday. I used to live no more than 10 blocks away from the marathon’s ending spot. I guess I’m still kind of in disbelief.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..One Year In Our Home: 10 Tips For Condo BuyersMy Profile

    • So glad that all of your friends and family in boston were fine. Mr. PoP was glued to the news coverage on Friday and I kept having to leave the room since I didn’t want to follow all the details. It just felt like too much, ya know?