Worth Mentioning #31 – Wells Fargo Credit Score & Report

WF Free Credit Report Brochure

First things first.  Happy Birthday!  What, it’s not your birthday?  No matter, we still have a present for you.

Well, the benefactor is not so much us as it is Wells Fargo. And the “you” is limited to Wells Fargo customers. But it’s still a great present!

So you want to know what it is? It’s a free copy of your credit report with your score. It’s available to WF customers from now through tax day (April 15th).

To get it, go to a WF branch, and ask for one of these nifty brochures. It’ll have a personal access code in it, along with directions for where you can go to access your free credit report and score. To answer your FAQs:

  • It won’t count as a hard inquiry against your credit
  • It won’t count as against the free report you can get from AnnualCreditReport.com

Now you can’t say that we never gave you anything!  And on to the roundup part of the post!


Love From Others


Love For Others

  • Wise Bread had a great post this week: What I Miss About the Recession. I’ve said things like this aloud before, and if looks could kill, I would be dead as a result. But I’m pretty sure that Mr. PoP and I would not be in nearly as great of financial shape as we are had we not started working as a financial team at the start of the recession. We started pooling resources to buy assets at a time when many asset classes were cheap and that definitely gave us a good start.
  • Phoebe over at All You Need Is Enough got my attention with her post Stealth Wealth, where she talked about how much she shared (and hid) from her family with regards to money. We’ve got a pretty complicated relationship with family and money, which we talked about a couple of times in: How Much Does Your Family Know About Your Money? and Family and Money: They Don’t Want It Back!
  • Lyn at Pretty Frugal recently completed her Adventures in Short Sales. Spoiler Alert – they got the house, and in what seems like record timing for a short sale. Congrats!
  • Sending me on a trip down memory lane was Jana over at Daily Money Shot with Business Lessons From Strawberry Shortcake. When I was a toddler, I loved Strawberry Shortcake (though she was always secondary to Rainbow Bright!), but I was young enough that I don’t remember what the story lines were about. The characters in Jana’s post rang faint bells of familiarity and I’m hoping that I absorbed some of these lessons while I was watching tv as a toddler.
  • And it just wouldn’t feel right if I omitted a nice approachable math post. Here, The College Investor presents Order of Operations for Funding Retirement. Scoot over PEMDAS, it’s time for FIBS. Check it out, if Jana’s post sent me back to toddler-hood, this one sends me back to a classroom with a blue door and white brick walls, which I think was first or second grade where we learned PEMDAS.


Have a good weekend – and don’t forget to pick up your brochure to get your  free credit report and score!

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