Worth Mentioning #29


NOT our mailbox. Passed on one of my runs and couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.  As a general rule, we don’t typically do anything special for St. Patty’s day, though my parents always used it as an excuse to make everyone each cabbage, boiled potatoes, corned beef and Irish soda bread.  Eww, right?  Well, except for the Irish soda bread.  If it weren’t such a pain to make, I’d consider it since I loved it when it had raisins!  If anyone’s got an irish soda bread recipe that’s easy to make, send it my way!

Another less publicized “holiday” this week was Pi Day on March 14th.  Ya know, because Pi = 3.14?  I’m nerdy enough that I’m actually excited for Pi Day 2015 when the date will be 3.14.15.  That one might actually be worth making some pie for!

On to the Thank You’s for the week.


Love From Others

A short list here this week – but we are so very grateful for each one.

Thanks so much to you all for the mentions of PoP this week!


Love For Others

Apparently it’s Girls Rule this week as my favorites this week all came from the ladies…

  • CF over at Outlier Model talks about why she won’t be Changing Her Last Name After Marriage.  For her, it’s got to do with personal branding.  FWIW, I changed mine and it had no net impact on my personal branding.  I was very searchable before, and am even more uniquely identifiable now with Mr. PoP’s unique last name.  I’ve actually tied the two by going by both my maiden and married name on official documents.  I’m not at all worried that my previous work experience won’t be identified with me down the line.  Not everyone will have that situation.  So I definitely think this is something that each person I think it’s an individual decision that it seems like CF has considered.
  • Mrs. 1500 wrote this weeks Thursday Rant over at 1500 Days, in which she bemoans the concept that anything is “only a dollar”.  It’s a sentiment that’s not paid attention to nearly enough, even by people that consider themselves to be fairly mindful about spending like Mr. PoP and I.
  • And lastly, Mandy at Money Master Mom writes about Her Unpinnable Home.  Rather than getting worked up about comparing her home to the design masterpieces she sees on Pinterest, Mandy shows us the the real way that her home looks when it’s properly lived in and makes the point that in 10 years we’re not going to remember the little design details, but instead remember the memories we created living in our homes.

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