Worth Mentioning #28 – Princess Bride Edition

Ugh.  Somehow it snuck up on me this year and I didn’t realize that today was the “spring forward” day for daylight savings time until last night.  It hit Mr. PoP pretty hard, too.  As he was changing the clocks, he remembered that scene from the Princess Bride where Wesley is having his life sucked away by the six-fingered man.  Mr. PoP chimed our clock and then said, “I just sucked one year of your life away.  How do you feel?”  

Here’s the full clip.  Such a great movie!


It was only an hour of our lives that felt like they were stolen from us last night, but we’re still a bit grumpy about it.

On the bright side, we were shown some love this week by the interwebs, so there are a lot of folks to thank this week.


Love From Others


Love For Others

  • If you haven’t already stop by and extended your congrats over at Nicole And Maggie.  No longer half-tenured, they are both officially “formerly untenured“.
  • Sandy at Yes I Am Cheap revealed how she left her job and has come out of the blogging closet.  It’s a relative novella of a post, but riveting nonetheless, that describes Sandy’s job situation over the last year and how she successfully left a job she hated.  While we’re still in the blogging closet, both Mr. PoP and I know how liberating it can be to leave jobs that are soul-sucking.  So glad you were able to leave that in the past!
  • Erica at Newlyweds on a Budget asks How Do You Pay For Everything? Erica’s got a long list of goals she wants to hit – and they total over $140K before even estimating costs for “saving for a new car” or “paying for graduate school”.  And looking at this list of goals she’s wondering.  How the heck are they going to pay for it?  “… as personal finance bloggers, do we hold ourselves to a higher standard? Are our financial decisions judged more because we should always choose the “no debt” route?”


That’s all the love this week.  I’m going to go take a nap and dream about Wesley wrestling some ROUS.  (That’s rodents of unusual size.)  Oh, just one more clip from the movie!


What’s your favorite Princess Bride scene?  Feel free to link to a clip =)

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