Worth Mentioning #27 – Canon Rebel Giveaway


What to do when friends are in town and the weather’s too crappy for the beach? Head to all the tourist traps and shake hands with gators!

This week has been a hectic one for us as we’ve had some great old friends, including my co-RA from college, staying with us for the week. What’s the phrase that best describes these kinds of situations? “Love to have you come, and love to see you go…”

I’m kidding about that. Mostly. I’m just pooped. Playing tour guide while still working a full-time week, and trying to stay up late and wake up extra early to do a little blogging means I am pooped and spent the week feeling perpetually behind. We also ate out more this week than we have in ages (I’m sure that’ll show up in March’s income statement), and since the weather was awful I ended up working out a little less, the combination of which tends to leave me feeling a little chubbed-out and sluggish.

I’ll be glad when I can get back into my routines – and when mother nature decides to bring nice weather back to our parts. We’ve been dealing with an unseasonably cold and rainy week – which didn’t make tour guiding any easier.

Stay tuned after the Thank You’s below for a giveaway. This month’s giveaway is a Canon Rebel T4i DSLR camera brought to you by Structured Settlement Payments.

Love From Others

Love For Others

  • The PF blogosphere was a bit abuzz this week about a controversy that was brought to my attention by PK at DQYDJ (that’s Don’t Quit Your Day Job… quite a mouthful of an acronym). Apparently there is quite the hullabaloo going on regarding plagiarism on another PF blogger’s site. If you haven’t read about it – click through to PK’s post On Shortcuts, Originality, and Casablanca. He also links to the original post that brought this to the attention of many others this week.
  • On a more positive note, Kathleen over at Frugal Portland reflects on her Relationship with Washington DC. Sounds like it’s a city she really wanted to love and belong in, but ended up realizing she was happier elsewhere. Where? In Portland, of course! This post hit a note with me as we had friends visiting who we thought were loving their lives living in NYC, and as it turns out they’re thinking long and hard about moving to a place where people smile more and they don’t have to elbow their way down the street. They really wanted to love NYC, but it just doesn’t seem to mesh with the people they want to be anymore. Who knows, maybe they’ll move down here in a few years – if the bad weather on their vacation didn’t scare them away!


Don’t Forget the Giveaway!

Sorry, the giveaway has ended.

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