Worth Mentioning #26 – What’s In The Box?

Mr. PoP’s folks have a place down here in our town, but since they’re not down here full time they’ve stopped mail from being delivered there ever.  As a result, we become the de facto P.O. Box office for his folks.  It’s not a big deal (well, except for the time when an exploded box of tomatoes was left next to our front door by the mailman), but sometimes it brings about some fun guessing games about the contents of all the random boxes, but today’s was less of a guessing game.  The return address: Flex-able Hose.  (Definitely NOT an affiliate link!)

Haven’t seen the infomercials yet?

They’ve been all over the tvs at the gym, and it looks like Mr. PoP’s dad succumbed and bought himself a couple (yes – there are two boxes!) of flex-able hose.  We won’t know for sure until he gets into town tomorrow, but perhaps we can give a review of this magic wonder product!  =)

On to the thank you’s for the week.


Love From Others

Thank you to everyone that linked from us – those that we know about, and those that we don’t!  In a related question – I’ve been missing a lot of pingbacks on carnivals lately.  Any advice from other bloggers?  I like acknowledging the inclusion but don’t know how to if I have no idea we were included or not… =/

Love For Others

  • Over at Nicole And Maggie, a natural science PhD student emails asking for opinions on staying the course in academia.  “I knew the job market wasn’t great, and that women still had mountains to climb, but it seemed scalable.  Now, the further along I get, the more insurmountable the challenges appear to be.”  I fled academia myself and have no regrets about doing so, but I think the big thing is that it’s a very personal decision.  I hope that the post Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? and the comments from readers help provide the anon PhD student with some perspective, but in the end – she’s going to need to own the decision herself.
  • Sam over at Financial Samurai is asking Is There A Correlation Between Physical Fitness and Financial Health?  And he seems to want the answer to be no.  But I disagree.  I wouldn’t be making money every week from Gympact unless people were falling down in their fitness and their financial goals across the country.  Beyond that, I think that the good habits developed in finances or fitness translate pretty easily between the two (heck – I wrote about that in Life’s A Marathon).  But let’s remember, correlation is NOT causation and it not a black and white matter.
  • And Jacob over at i Heart Budgets took some time from his busy tax-season schedule to write what might have been one of my favorite posts this week – Tax Deductions Are a Bad Investment.  Want a -75% ROI?  Buy something you don’t need for the sake of a tax deduction.  Seriously, this stuff is dead simple, but just not said enough.  And Jacob managed to say it with style.

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  • Thanks for the mention, Mrs. PoP! LOL, we always see that infomercial on TV and laugh, and then we contemplate, just for a moment, that it might be just as cool as it looks to be on TV. :-)
    Laurie @ The Frugal Farmer recently posted..Oops, I Did it Again (Almost)!My Profile

    • No, Thank you! Okay, so it is kindof cool after playing with it in person. I’m sure we wouldn’t have shelled out the cash, but when my FIL said, “one of them is for you guys!” How do you turn that down? =)

  • I’ve never heard of the Flex-Able hose before, but I know how influential infomercials can be! They always make things look so useful and cool.
    Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted..Saturday Bloggy Take-AwayMy Profile

  • Thanks for the link! I bet the questioner would love to get more opinions if any of your readers want to weigh in. She also asked a couple of other bloggers, one of whom is an academic scientist and the other a phd scientist who works in industry.
    nicoleandmaggie recently posted..Link LoversMy Profile

  • swimmy44

    I have seen the ads for flexible hose and would very much like a review – I have a spot where I need a hose that does not take up much room.

    • Okay, so one of them was for us, and I just plugged it in to try it out. The one we have is 25′ and has a detachable plastic spray nozzle that comes with it. It’s super lightweight, and easy to use. So far I hooked it up at the spicket nearest to my potted plants on our back patio. Then I turned on the spicket (with the spray nozzle turned off), let the hose fill up with water, turned off the spicket, and emptied the hose using the “shower” setting on the nozzle to water some herbs. It worked pretty well – the herbs had already been watered earlier today so I didn’t want to drown them. And watching it fill up was pretty fun. It reminded me of how you can squish a paper straw wrapper up as you remove it, then drop a couple of drops of water on it and watch it grow.
      No leaks, which is good considering the hose that was there leaked. But the ends are made of plastic, so I’d assume that’s going to be the weak-point that cracks or breaks first. Who knows how long, though.
      If you have any more questions, let me know and I can try and be your test driver =)

  • Flexible Hose! That definitely sounds like an item from an informercial! And he bought two? =)
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Beware of Financial Rip-OffsMy Profile

  • Mr. PoP’s folks sound a bit like my father-in-law. He saw a hose thing that cleans out dryer lines and bought three, one for them, us and my brother-in-law. When the delivery came he got like 10! Something happened with the order I guess, but it was funny to see all of those boxes. He returned all but one. We told him thanks, but we could borrow their hose if the time ever came up.
    Justin@TheFrugalPath recently posted..Friday’s Fork in the Path: A Slow Go and Niche SitesMy Profile

    • Haha, definitely sounds like our FILs were cut from the same cloth. It’s hard to complain, he’s so loving and well-intentioned. But most of the time we really don’t need what he buys for us! But it makes him happy, so what’s the harm?

  • You’re right. My father in law is one of the most kind and giving people I’ve ever met. I’m very thankful to have my wife’s parents in my life. And it’s funny to see my wife’s mother yell at him when he does these things.
    Justin@TheFrugalPath recently posted..Friday’s Fork in the Path: A Slow Go and Niche SitesMy Profile

  • Gympact sounds like a fascinating app! I’m glad you are making money with it. The most money is made is if everybody fails, but you right? This way, everybody has to pay into the system, and you get to divide the profits between you and the creator? If so, this is GENIUS! We can definitely count on most people to not follow through with their commitments.

    I’ll have to take a look!
    Financial Samurai recently posted..Understanding And Managing Your Risk Tolerance In InvestingMy Profile

    • Definitely take a look at Gympact. It’s a no brainer to participate if you already have a fitness routine, and a monetary incentive (punishment?) for those trying to develop one. The payments aren’t huge each week, but you can definitely see patterns of when people tend to fall off the wagon, so to speak.
      Thanksgiving and Christmas were high payouts, with a drop off at the start of the new year. Now payments are starting to creep back up, though ill be curious to see if there are seasonal effects with the spring or summer changes in weather. =). If you click through to my full review before signing up, a couple of readers have posted their referral codes. It’s an easy $5 for them and you if you sign up using one of those codes.

  • Huh. That’s pretty interesting, actually — tacky advertising aside.

    I had one of those self-coiling hoses. Annoying, but lightweight. The problem was, somehow the water pressure gets tamped down in those curly-hose thingies, so I couldn’t use it to wash down the sides of the pool (much easier, esp. in the summer, than brushing), and if a planting bed needed to be filled for deep watering, it took forever.

    Now I’m using those white hoses meant for RV use. They’re very lightweight, but they kink easily, and they’re so short you have to link two in order to get a long enough hose for gardening. And the darned things invariably leak at the connections.

    But regular hoses also kink, and they’re just too heavy for me to manage anymore.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Furniture Revisited: Feeling HappierMy Profile

    • We use soaker hoses for the beds to cut down on water usage and prevent the hassle of having to move hoses around all the time. But I think this one is going to be a nice addition to the back patio for watering the plants there. No more carrying milk jugs full of water from the kitchen!

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