Worth Mentioning #24 & $500 Giveaway

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Check out this awesome dead jellyfish I found on the beach this morning. It’s bigger than a big dinner plate, and wiggled around when I poked it with a shell. Fun stuff at low tide!

This week was a fairly expensive one here at the PoP homestead as we had a circuit breaker blow to the tune of $300. Apparently when the electrician opened the circuit breaker box (sorry, Mr. PoP is no longer DIY-ing 220V electricity projects!) it was all melted plastic and charred metal. Very impressive looking.

It probably happened when we were at the house, but we didn’t know until the next day. Boy am I glad the house didn’t burn down! That would have been a much bigger headache than $300 for a few hours of the electrician’s time and a brand spanking new breaker box. So I think we were let off relatively easy this time. Though I was disappointed that Mr. PoP didn’t think to snap a couple of pictures of the destruction when the electrician opened it up. I would have loved to see the melty burned up circuitry.

Let’s get on to the Thank You’s for the week.

Love From Others



Love For Others

  • Sam over at Financial Samurai hosted a guest post that introduced me to Joy, who blogs at Her Every Cent Counts. As Joy’s guest post, Building Wealth in Your 20’s, points out, Joy is 29 (so a year younger than Mr. PoP and I) and has managed to build a $200K portfolio basically from scratch. There are a couple of reasons why I think this post is awesome. 1 – Joy is doing this solo, no built-in economies of scale the way Mr. PoP and I have through marriage. 2 – She has gone about this a totally different direction than we have, investing a LOT in individual stocks and seems like a fairly active trader. She has no RE, so most of her wealth right now is electronic. We’re split about 50/50 in terms of physical assets vs. electronic (paper?) assets. Anyhow… it’s a great post. You should read it. And then you should go over to Joy’s blog and read the post What Should I Do With My Portfolio? We’re at a similar stage of trying to figure out next steps for growing our own portfolio, so it’s neat to see someone coming at it from a different angle but at a similar stage in life.
  • With much smaller numbers thrown about, Joanna at Our Freaking Budget tells the tale of how It Took Just $15 To Fall In Love with her hubs, Johnny. I love this cute story, especially with Valentine’s day around the corner and Kay Jewelers sending Mr. PoP personalized advertisements so he can buy my love. And Kay, hate to burst your bubble, but that’s not how we roll.
  • Funny About Moneytalks about her ongoing issues with her landline provider, Cox, who wants to charge her more money to have fewer features on her phone. Read all about it in Less I$ More. We got a new VoIP system at work this week and I’m starting to think that selling phones must be insanely profitable. I’ve been in the workforce for a whopping 6 years, and have had 6 different phone systems across two employers during that time. Crazy, right?
  • And Daisy at Add Vodka has discovered that cooking is way more enjoyable when you actually have a proper space to do it in Kitchens And Eating At Home. I can totally sympathize with Daisy, since before Mr. PoP and I moved in together, we both had tiny kitchens. Mine was about the size of a closet and I was terrified of the gas stove (it would try and start itself when I was in the other room…), and Mr. PoP’s kitchen area was below a slanted ceiling so the only way I could actually stand at the stove to cook was to literally be barefoot in the kitchen. Talk about your stereotypes, right?. And since I’m short (and Mr. PoP is not!), you can guess how many times he used that stove to cook.


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