Worth Mentioning #23 – $999.99 Giveaway


Kitty PoP has a new monkey that I bought for him at the Dollar Store. $1! It definitely has brought out the hunter in him.

I’ve never been much of a football fan, so I didn’t actually realize the Super Bowl was this weekend until one of the guys in my office kept wearing Ravens gear every day for the past week. (And apparently we’ve still only seen a small portion of his extensive Ravens wardrobe.) For the sake of everyone in my office, I hope the Ravens win or we will all be subjected to recaps of the game and where they lost it. Though, on the other hand, if they win, he’ll talk about that for weeks, too. So I guess it’s a lose-lose proposition. =)

Before we get to the Thank You’s for the week, I wanted to let everyone know about a $999.99 giveaway that’s going on this month. If you’d like to participate, click away below.


Sorry the giveaway has ended.


Love From Others


Love For Others

Today’s love posts are all about spending (in a sense), so maybe I’m living a bit vicariously through others in terms of spending this week.

  • Jake’s lovely wife, Michelle, treated readers of i Heart Budgets to a taste of her Redecorating for $0. Starting with what looks like a junk room and inspired by a vintage floral couch, I am eager to see what she ends up pulling off. I think it’s safe to say it shouldn’t be tough to beat those crazy before shots!
  • Lance at Money Life and More is pondering the Purchase of a Beach-Front Condo. I can’t tell if he wants to be talked out of it or not. As long as condo lifestyle and condo fees are things that he’s on board with, though… the rest of it would seem to be a pretty straightforward numbers computation.
  • And lastly Jana at Daily Money Shot describes the current version of Her Ideal Bookshelf. She imagines the prospect of moving to a very small apartment and having to choose which books to bring with her, and I like that idea. But it also makes me remember my first apartment when I moved to Florida. It was TINY and I had one bookshelf, but I also lived across the street from the public library. So it was a pretty fantastic compromise for me.


And just in case you’re not watching the Super Bowl but need your fill of men in tights, sate yourself with this clip from Robin Hood Men In Tights. =)


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