Worth Mentioning #22

Well, it’s been a couple of eventful weeks since we last did a weekly roundup post, so my apologies for that.

Where I hope to be when this post drops..

Perhaps the most major event was when I found out there’s someone trying to steal my (Mrs. PoP here) identity.  Yay!  *Sarcasm*  I’m still in the process of filling out all the fraud alerts with all the various governmental and non-governmental agencies, but hopefully it looks like we caught it before any damage was done.  I’m sure there will be a post later about it all once we have a better idea that it’s resolved.  But in the meantime, I know where the fraudster lives and have seen the aerial view of his pool on google maps.  I might have some sympathy if they didn’t live on a canal with a big freaking pool…

Tax forms are also trickling into the PoP mailbox, and though none of them should contain any surprises, for the numbers geek in me it’s always oddly satisfying to see such brief numeric summaries of a whole 365 day period.  Have you gotten all of your tax forms yet?  I believe they’re required to be mailed to you by January 31st, so keep checking the mail!

And on to some overdue Thank You’s.

Love From Others


Love For Others

  • Going along with the wedding theme from our guest post this week, I really enjoyed My Thoughts On Engagement Rings over at Vanessa’s Money.  Vanessa found an adorable little butterfly ring that she ended up buying for herself, but would have been happy to have as an engagement ring.  I feel the same way.  While my wedding set ended up being an heirloom from Mr. PoP’s great grandmother, another option that went through the discussion was a very simple gold band with a silver bead that I picked up at an art show for ~$10.  The artist that made it could have easily commissioned something a little more one of a kind on a very slim budget if we had wanted it.  Heck, she was making them right there!
  • Paula at Afford Anything learned a $2700 lesson in Knowing Her Buyers.  When it came time to rent one of her latest properties in a little rougher ‘hood, Paula advertised the vacancy on Craigslist and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  For 3 months!  Until someone told her that she needed to advertise in the paper.  As soon as she did, renters galore.  Lesson learned.  Go where your customers are, not where you are.
  • Remember my post a while ago on how I tend to think that Life’s A Marathon?  In it, I pointed out that Shannyn at Frugal Beautiful and Ginna at My Pretty Pennies were training for their first ever half and full marathons, respectively.  Coincidentally, they both completed them last weekend, so I just wanted to take this opportunity to say Congrats to both of you!  Check out their post-race thoughts where Shannyn writes, “Dear 2013, I’m Kicking Your Butt!”, and Ginna has some awesome pics from her Charleston Marathon.
  • And a special thanks to Nicole and Maggie for making sure I knew about Objectify a Male Tech Writer Day.  Anyone else dying to comment on Walt Mossberg’s facial hair that day?

Ahh, Mosspuppet.


Who’s your favorite male tech writer?  Or I’d expand it to male writer in any traditionally male field?  What funny physical features can we inappropriately point out in the comment sections on their articles?

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