Worth Mentioning #21

Loving all the colors in bloom on my runs these days.

Happy Sunday.  I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Since we didn’t have much to mention last weekend, this is a double dose of worth mentioning.

First off, thanks to everyone that left their comments and guesses about what Mr. PoP’s $500/year hobby that we talked about in our latest He Said, She Said: Expensive Hobby or Male Bonding?  To end the suspense – the hobby is shooting at a gun range.  Mr. PoP grew up in a pretty rural area and hunting and target practice is a sport in his family.  I grew up in suburbia thinking the only people with guns were cops and criminals.

Despite my discomfort with guns (it mostly has to do with not feeling safe in their presence rather than an ethical or moral obligation to them), I did actually suggest that Mr. PoP and his dad consider taking part in a community python hunt in the Everglades this weekend.  (He declined.)  It’s the 2013 Python Challenge, and hundreds of people in Florida have signed up to participate in rounding up and hunting some of the 30K Burmese pythons that are literally decimating natural wildlife populations in the Everglades.

For those concerned with my potential misuse of the word “literally” – decimation is sadly a huge underestimate of the wildlife population decline since the mid-1990’s for species like raccoon, opossum, bobcat, and bunny rabbits in the Everglades.  We’re talking 90%+ declines in populations for most of these species in the glades.  It’s a really big deal, and Burmese pythons are thought to be one of the primary reasons for the declines.  

For the sake of the bunnies and the bobcats, I hope the Python Challenge has some measure of success.

So…I’m now going to step off my little eco-soapbox for the day and get on with the weekly “Thank you’s”.


Love From Others

Thanks to everyone who has shared PoP over the past couple of weeks.  And as always, if there are any mentions that I missed, please let me know!

Love For Others

  • Crystal over at Budgeting In The Fun Stuff had a post on Why She Writes that I really enjoyed.  We’ve hit the 6-month mark of writing here, and it’s inspiring to see someone still writing a PF blog, and enjoying doing so, years later.
  • Holly at Club Thrifty writes about her year Churning Credit Cards.  I thought we had done well with ~$1100 in credit card rewards in 2012, but she churns through them for sign-up rewards and managed to score $2,500 in 2012.
  • The last two posts run through a similar vein.  TB at Blue Collar Workman talks about Knowing When It’s Time To Quit Your Job, and Flexo over at Consumerism Commentary writes a bit of a “how to” in Quit Your Job This Year.
If you were down here, would you take part in the 2013 Python Challenge?

15 comments to Worth Mentioning #21

  • Karen

    The hunt/challenge goes until the 10th so maybe he’ll reconsider. If you don’t feel comfortable around them, you may consider going to the range and taking a class. Not necessarily to participate just to feel less nervous around them.

    • As Mr. PoP put it – it’s flat in the glades, so if an amateur makes a bad shot, that stray bullet could go for a while.

      I’ve thought about going, but what it comes down to is not trusting myself. I have really poor “body awareness”, so my bigger worry is doing something physically that would put myself or someone else in danger by tripping or walking into something or flailing my arms. It’s weird, but I do that kind of stuff more than normal.

      • Karen

        Well, at the range you would be in your own “corral*”. You should not be walking around with a weapon and definitely not one without the safety on. You should always be aiming at the target and finger off the trigger until ready to fire. There are also ladies’ nights.
        That said, if you’re not comfortable with it, you’re not and shouldn’t force yourself to participate.

        *I’m thinking of how it was in the military, lo these many years ago. I assume a civilian range would operate similarly.

        I hear you on “body awareness”. My hips can’t make it between 2 cubicle walls with 5 feet of clearance.

        • cube-walls are bad. As are doorways. And the freezer door, and dryer door… Mr. PoP has learned if there’s a big thud and no sound, it’s bad and he should come help. But if I yell out, it’s probably okay. Ridiculous, right? =)

  • Thanks for mentioning my post!

  • Wow, I had no idea Pythons were such a problem. If I ever came across a python in the wild I’d probably pee my pants and then die of fear. I don’t think snakes are bad (I know when there’s a good natural balance they serve a purpose), but I hope lots of them are “taken care of” during the hunt.

    I grew up around guns so they don’t make me nervous (well, when I’m in Maine). When I see guns here in the city that’s a different story.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..Survivor’s Standouts 1/13/13My Profile

    • Yeah, I’ve heard different theories about the source of the pythons – but apparently they’re not very genetically diverse, so it’s thought that a very small population of pythons mated and filled the Everglades since they have no natural predators there. Seriously, there have been instances where pythons tried to eat alligators. Google it, it’s gross.

      You’re in NYC, right? I don’t blame you for being nervous around guns there.

  • I guess I could look it up, but are they pythons that people took on as pets and dumped there? I really wish people who believe they want all kinds of different pets would think hard before they get one. It does no good for the pythons or the poor critters they prey upon. I, however, have a fear of the Everglades in general. For my brief time in Florida, everyone told me to watch my little dog around water,as she was easy alligator bait, so that kind of scared me of swampy areas. I’m sure it’s unfounded. Thanks for the guest post. It was a good one.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..5 Reasons Why Consumers Can’t Get Out of DebtMy Profile

    • Yeah, there are definitely gators around – we’re lucky that we’ve never seen them in our little lake.

      As for the pythons, I think pets that got dumped are part of the problem, but I’ve also heard that Hurricane Andrew in 1992 was partly to blame for destroying an pet shops and releasing a bunch then, too.

  • I was far off with my horse racing guess, haha. I can definitely see your point. My hubs is similar in that he grew up in a rural area and had a dad who was in the army and comfortable with guns. Guns make me a bit squeamish, but perhaps I’ll try my hand at a shooting range one of these days to build confidence in case I ever have to use one. By the way, the Python hunt sounds interesting/terrifying. I hope that it helps!

    • I could see where horse racing could definitely have fit the bill, too. After all, Mr. PoP did have a couple of horses on their property growing up.

      I hope the Python Challenge goes well, too… it lasts all month, so I presume they’ll announce how many they killed/caught afterwards. Who knows if it’ll make a big enough dent, because they reproduce so quickly!

  • Thanks for the mention! This past weekend had some interesting and heated debates on gun control with friends. I strongly agree with the 2nd Amendment but there are equally persuasive arguments for modifying it. I think the fact that in this great nation we can share opposite opinions and beliefs but still come together and be united under “Freedom of Speech” is what makes us unique and prosperous.
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