Worth Mentioning #20 – Goodbye 2012!

Happy New Year! Well, almost. I hope that everyone has had a great holiday and got to spend time with their loved ones. It seemed like everyone was in a pretty good mood this week – even the local weatherman. The forecast for our area one day this week was “abundant sunshine”. Seriously. Here’s the proof taken from the weather app on my phone.


I like to think that the weather dude was trying to finish the eggnog before it went bad, had a little too much, and was feeling a tad joyous when he typed in that forecast.  Nonetheless, it made me crack up.

I’m still enjoying my staycation from work this week, which means that in addition to time with family and friends, I’m getting caught up on the pile of library books that I’ve had accumulating on the shelf for far too long. My idea of heaven!  Thus, this post is going to be short today so I can get back to it.


Love From Others

Even though it was a slow week in the blogosphere with many bloggers taking some well deserved R&R, there were still several that very generously included Planting Our Pennies in their picks.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to include us even during the busy holiday season.


Love For Others

Since our Christmas tree is still up, and the stockings are still hung on the sliding glass doors with care, I feel okay extending the Christmas holiday a little and squeezing one more amusing holiday post in.

  • That special amusing holiday post is The Twelve Days of Spending, sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas, written by Andrea of So Over This. This one might have just been narrowly beaten by the Frugal Hip Hop video we posted about yesterday as my favorite PF-themed song for the year. Andrea, if you had a fabulous music video, you just might have come out on top! Here’s hoping for a video next year. =)
  • Sandy at Yes, I Am Cheap is Leaving Prosper.Com Due to Tech Problems and wrote a highly amusing, and highly damning post about the difficulties she has had as both an investor and borrower at Prosper.com as of late. P2P lending is definitely an interesting concept, and I’d hate for fixable business failings like those Sandy describes to be a reason to give the entire industry a bad name.
  • Matt at Live Well On Less wrote a very eye-opening post on his Finances As A Couple. While Mr. PoP and I do have our disagreements when it comes to money (just see any of our He Said She Said posts for proof!), we’ve got big picture agreements and if we don’t start on the same page, we’re at least in the same chapter. Matt writes about what it’s been like with his wife of 14 years as they live out very different financial lives.
  • And lastly, and not really finance related, Funny About Money did some Live Blogging From The Doctor’s Waiting Room. Absolutely amusing, and I can completely empathize with having to sit there are wait for an extended period of time for the doctor. Sometimes I think they ask you to put on a gown not because the doctor needs to look at anything, but if you do you’re less likely to get up and walk out after waiting for so long.


One last thing before I end this, though. I have a quick question for fellow bloggers. At what stage did you let friends or family know you had a blog? Not even necessarily which one is yours, but that you did it at all? Just curious… especially if you’re anonymous like us!


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