Worth Mentioning #2

So another week has gone by here at Planting Our Pennies, and we’re continuing to make progress here on the blog readership front.  If you’re a return visitor, please consider signing up to get our posts delivered to your email or RSS reader.  We’d also love to interact with you guys beyond the comments pages of Planting Our Pennies, so consider becoming a fan on Facebook or following us on Twitter.  We’re now in the double digits in Twitter followers now, so it’s clearly cool to like PoP.  Right?  =)


New on left, old on right.  13″ MacBook Pro replacing a 12″ Powerbook G4. 7 years hasn’t changed the way they look on the outside much, but wow, the speed difference is wonderful!

The big news on the PoP family front this week is that Mrs. PoP finally got a computer upgrade.  After having my old mac Powerbook for 7 years (yes, 7 years!), we picked up the new MacBook Pro this week.


Love From Others

We had some mentions across the blogosphere this week.

Why Zillow Sucks was included in:

Our Diversified Real Estate Portfolio was mentioned in:

How We Decided to Self Insure was included in:

Thanks to you all for spreading the word of what we’re doing over here at Planting Our Pennies!  And if there were any mentions out there that we missed, feel free to yell at us and we’ll be sure to include them.


Love For Others

There are some other posts out there that are worth bringing a focus to this week, as well.

Carrie from Careful Cents wrote about what she sees as The Downside to Being Debt Free, while Kraig over at Young Cheap Living responded with Why I Love Being Debt Free.  As you can see from our most recent balance sheet, the PoPs have debt.  We’re not “debt-free” like Carrie or Kraig.  But we don’t feel like that’s a bad thing since most of our debt was to acquire assets that were undervalued and are increasing in value. What’s your take on debt?  Good or bad?  Obviously there are ways to misuse debt, but are you of the mind that there is no good debt to take on ever?

100 Words on Saving from 6400 Personal Finance is short and to the point, but says it all.  We need commas in our savings rates, people.  $10/month or $100/month just isn’t going to cut it in 30 years.

And my favorite of the week was definitely from Kai Ryssdal (we love Kai!) over at Marketplace where he told us of a restaurant offering a Discount For A Cell-Phone-Less Meal.  We would definitely hand our cell phones over for a discount at a nice restaurant – any movie theaters going to start a policy like this?  We’re there!


That’s all I’ve got.  Gimme a break, it’s a Sunday.


5 comments to Worth Mentioning #2

  • LOL! I’m STILL dazzled!!!

    Thanks for the mention. Enjoy the MacBook. I love mine. In many ways it’s almost preferable to the giant iMac that’s newer and that hogs a great deal of space on my desk.

    • OSX has changed so much from my last version on my powerbook (tiger) that I’m still getting used to using the changes. The Mr. kept laughing at me screwing up using the multitouch pad instead of the old school touch pad the first couple of days. I considered a MacMini desktop, but love being able to curl on the couch with it.

  • Thanks so much for mentioning my post. And congrats on the new computer! I’m a big technology nerd so I love getting new electronics. :) Seven years is a LONG time to wait before upgrading. But I waited just over 4 years before upgrading my Windows laptop. By the time I did, my old one was a dinosaur.

    • No prob! I thought you brought up some good points that were worth talking about!
      Thanks on the comp… We do tend to wait a long time for major upgrades, but in a way I think it feels like more of an event that way =)

  • Enjoy the new macbook. Funny how they haven’t changed all that much in 7 years. Why change something when it works right?