Worth Mentioning #19 – Happy Festivus!

I’m writing this weekly Worth Mentioning as Chocolate Kahlua Cake (think sponge cake soaked in sugar and alcohol) bakes in the oven, so the spirit is probably going to be even a bit more lighthearted than usual.

First off – Happy Festivus, Everyone!  If you’re unaware of the origins of Festivus, I must insist that you watch this educational video on the historical origins of this holiday for “the rest of us”!  And then laugh.  Seriously.  

My family’s been celebrating Festivus since this Seinfeld episode aired in the 90’s, so it’s become quite an entrenched tradition.  A little less formal than many of the other holidays, it’s a great reprieve to relax a bit when preparations for the rest of the “Holiday Season” can get so uptight and stressful… So get the aluminum pole ready, “‘Cause I got a lotta problems with you people!”  =)


Since I presume that everyone’s got plenty on their plates these days between baking Christmas cookies, wrapping gifts, and the feats of strength, I’ll keep this pretty short.  But first a quick plug for a subscription to Planting Our Pennies. You can get it via email or RSS reader and keep the joy coming.


Love From Others

Thanks for all the mentions!  And, of course, if you mentioned Planting Our Pennies and we missed pinging back, let us know.  Sometimes pingbacks get lost in the ether.


Love For Others

  • This week’s top post was a guest post written by Ronald Curell and hosted by TB over at Blue Collar Workman.  Titled the Adventures of an Unemployed Man, it’s basically a view on unemployment written in a comic book voice.  But that description doesn’t do it justice.  After reading it, I had no words.  Well worth the read.
  • And after your heart breaks there, then hop on over to Afford Anything where you can check out Paula’s post on how Inspiring Acts Happen Everyday.  Phew.  Now you’re heart is somewhat whole again and ready for a little levity.
  • For that, we can turn to NZ Muse and her Reflections On A Year of No Shopping.  She sounds like she and I have much the same take on shopping and fashion, which can be pretty much summed up as “can’t be bothered”.  But I am impressed that she was able to keep the needs managed for a full year without much shopping as I seem to go through things like running shoes pretty regularly.
  • And if that wasn’t enough levity, check out Holly’s post over at Club ThriftyConfessions of a Cheap-Ass Santa.  Honestly, I didn’t think any of the things on her list were at all inappropriate or excessively cheap.  Then again, maybe I’m a Cheap-Ass Santa, myself.


We’re still planning on posting here through the holiday week, so we hope to see all of our readers stop by in between all the family, friends, cookies, and grievances.  =)

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