Worth Mentioning #18

So after attending four different Christmas parties over the past two weekends, I am officially partied out. But on the bright side, our tree is finally up, the stockings are hung with care, and I’m writing this while listening to a Christmas cd I borrowed from the library to change it up a bit.


My favorite ornament on our tree. So Florida. And with feathers!

We get a real Christmas tree every year since I never one growing up, and I still think of it as the best luxury that $35 can buy once a year. Plus, there’s nothing like dressing Kitty PoP up in his santa outfit and watching him have a ball playing with the (plastic!) ornaments on the low branches.

After the holidays are all said and done, we’ll do a tally up on the blog of where the $1,098 in holiday money from our credit card rewards was spent, but so far I’m pretty pleased with how we’ve been spending it and matching it up with our values.

I hope your holiday preparations and parties are all going well, too. And if you need a gift idea for yourself this Christmas, consider a subscription to Planting Our Pennies. It’s absolutely free and will deliver joy to your inbox or RSS reader roughly 3-4 times per week. =)


Love From Others

Thanks for all the mentions this week. And as always, if I missed any, please let me know.


Love For Others

And here are just a few of what I considered to be some of the best posts I read this week.

  • Andrea at So Over This celebrated One Year of Self Employment and led her readers through the past, the present, and the future of her self employment. I loved the honest assessments of her experiences. All posts are definitely worth a read – and she’s got a giveaway associated with it, too!
  • Emily at EvolvingPF asked Who Paid For Your Wedding? and I’ve really enjoyed reading the comments as they continue to come in. Mr. PoP and I paid for our wedding. Of course, our wedding cost less than $250, so it’s not that surprising that we footed the entire bill.
  • Erika from Newlyweds On A Budget hosted a guest post by Cat at Budget BlondeFrom the US to The Caribbean: Budget Blonde’s Debt Payoff Story. While Cat and her hubs are by no means done with debt entirely – his medical school loans will be a feat – they have made some excellent traction paying down consumer debt and building an emergency fund while following their dreams and living in a tropical paradise.
  • KK at Student Debt Survivor wrote about her Holiday Time Budget. Basically she’s keeping a time card of all the time that she’s put into the holidays so far this year to see how much time value (hours x hourly rate) they are costing her. While I try to look at most holiday experiences as fun since I only get to do them once a year, after four Christmas parties, I definitely found myself thinking KK might be on to something in thinking about the cost of some of our holiday time.
  • And closing up the holiday theme for the week, we have a guest post hosted by Canadian Budget Binder, authored by Derek form Free At 33The Celebrate Like Scrooge Christmas Gift Exchange. The basic idea, instead of a white elephant gift exchange like we participated in last night with store-bought gifts of a specified dollar value ($25!), the gifts being exchanged are required to be “crap from the basement”. Heck – gift exchanges are usually only fun because of the people you’re spending time with, so keep that and get rid of the swap out the “crap from a store” with something else.


How are all of your holiday parties and preparations going so far this year?

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