Worth Mentioning #17 Sugar Cane Edition


Top – Sugar Cane Reality
Bottom – Wishful Thinking?

Fun Fact About Florida for the Day: Florida produces the most sugar cane in the United States.

We tend to forget about sugar and think of Florida as being covered in orange groves and tomato farms, but in reality there’s a large swath of the state around Lake O that supplies much of the country with our daily addictions. The PoPs were reminded of this recently when we drove by Lake O and passed field after field of sugar cane.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have this odd disconnect with sugar cane where I don’t think of it as a plant, but rather as uber-processed and colored candy canes.

Anyhow… I trust that everyone is eating their fill of lovely candy canes this time of year, so we may as well get on with the business of what went on around the PF net this week.


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Love From Others

Thanks to everyone that mentioned our posts or our site this week.  It means the world.  And of course – if I missed any pingbacks, please let me know and I’ll fix it!


Love For Others

  • Marie at Broke Professionals wrote this week about How To Legally Snoop On Your Neighbors.  We did a LOT of public record searches when we were foreclosure hunting, and having access to all those records was absolutely priceless for us.  But Marie seems fairly concerned about the privacy aspect as well, although she tends to lump public data that was personally posted in with that which is a part of the public record.  I tend to think of those as separate since one you chose, and the second you did not have a choice in depending on Sunshine laws.
  • Kim at Eyes On the Dollar hosted a guest post this week by Mandy from Money Master Mom that asked “Do Your Purchases Reflect Your Values?”  We’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about that lately as Mr. PoP and I continue to talk about Buying a $2K Tube Amp.  It seems that purchase matches up with a lot of our values: repairability and sustainability, DIY, “buy it for life“, beauty, and long term enjoyment.
  • And lastly, Kathleen at Frugal Portland had some great traction in her net worth this year, getting 250% net worth growth in a year.  Even though her percentages might not look as impressive as her net worth continues to grow in real terms in the future, this is still an awesome milestone that she’ll no doubt continue into the future.  Congrats, Frugal Portland!


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