Worth Mentioning #16

Fisker Electric Sports Car – MSRP $102K+

Well, it happened.  The big spenders are definitely back in town down here in South Florida.  And with them comes all their cool cars that I get to spot and drool over.  Check out this Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid sports car (starts at around $102K) that I spotted on a walk near my office.  There are solar panels on the roof, and they actually generate so little power that it’s hard to defend them as being “green” – they are purely for eco-gloating cred.  My favorite part about this car?  The fact that it looks like it’s smiling – check out that grill!


Love From Others

There are plenty of Thank You’s to go out this week – so here they are.

Thanks to everyone who included the PoPs on their reading lists these week and spread the love.


Love For Others

So what was the big news this week in the personal finance world?  The lottery.  What?  How does that even make sense?  We do not participate in the lottery – and I can count the number of lottery tickets we have ever bought on one finger.  You can guess which finger I use to count them when I recall how I was guilt tripped into that purchase.

But here are some posts on the lottery to tide you over while you wait for the jackpot to top half a billion dollars (that’s $500,000,000) again.
  • Bankers Anonymous posted how the Powerball is a horrific tax on the poor.  I would also add that it’s a pretty significant tax on people who don’t understand statistics and odds.
  • But Jay over at The First Million Is the Hardest actually goes into some expected value calculations on lottery odds.  His calculations aren’t 100% accurate since they don’t account for multiple winners at the higher levels and splitting jackpots (which he points out), but worth a read anyhow to consider the ballpark of returns on a lottery ticket.
  • And Michelle over at See Debt Run sighs with relief in We Didn’t Win the Lottery, Thank God!  She notes that statistically, lottery winners are often no more happy than the were prior to their winnings, and that such a huge change in living situation can increase stress in a lot of ways.


And that’s what I’ve got for the week.  Make sure to check in tomorrow when we’ll post our November finances updates.  =)


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