Worth Mentioning #15 – When Eagles Attack Edition


The eagle is swooping down, and you can see the splashes of the ducks absolutely freaking out in terror. Can you blame them?

I know that Catherine over at Plunged In Debt saw my tweet the other morning about all the excitement on the lake behind our house.

For everyone else, here’s the scoop.  An eagle showed up unexpectedly and started dive bombing the ducks that were just hanging out. It was kindof insane – and by kindof insane I mean the eagle’s screams were echoing so loudly across the lake, through our open doors and into the house that both Kitty PoP and I were shocked.  He ran and hid under the bed, but I ventured out and managed to get a couple of not completely blurry shots using Mr. PoP’s SLR before the whole shebang was over, so I thought I’d share them with you all.

Just in case you were worried about the ducks, I don’t think the eagle actually picked any off before departing. So the ducks all lived another day to paddle around the lake quacking.


This was the eagle’s approach – if you look on the right, hidden a bit by the skimmer pole, you can see the ducks have no idea what is coming.

On the Thank You side of things, it got a little out of whack schedule-wise for the PoPs on the blog recently, so this weekly round up is actually for the last two weeks. So it’s big. Many thank-you’s to go around, so be forewarned.


Love From Others

Many thanks to everyone who has shared our content the past couple of weeks.


Love For Others

I’ve been dreaming of buying more real estate lately, and there were a few posts recently that haven’t helped matters, like…

  • Mr. Money Mustache’s post Real Estate Investment Madness – Mr. Money Mustache is considering the purchase of some (more) rental real estate and shares his thoughts on the matter.
  • Paula at Afford Anything’s post on Passive Income From Rental Property. She lays out the numbers on the recent single family rental property they’ve got that is now netting them $5K/year.
  • In somewhat related matters, Jefferson at See Debt Run wrote Should You Refinance Your Home Loan Again, after they refi’d for the second time in 16 months.
  • And if that’s too much real estate for you – then try this one by Holly at Club Thrifty where she asks if Toys ‘R Us’ Corporate Policy is Stealing. She got into a somewhat sticky situation at Toys R Us over a gift card that she received for a purchase over a certain amount. I’ve written about gift cards like this before and how easy it is to double count their value… but sadly I think they are profitable enough for companies that these gift cards are here to stay. Boo say I.


That’s it for the week.  Hope everyone has a good week!

10 comments to Worth Mentioning #15 – When Eagles Attack Edition

  • Wow, that would be an amazing site to see a bald eagle dive bomb like that. They are stunning creatures. I’m glad that the ducks made it out okay. I know the whole circle of life requires them to eat, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy watching the cute little animal become a meal.
    Have a great rest of your weekend.
    Justin@TheFrugalPath recently posted..Friday’s Fork in the Path: Black Friday EditionMy Profile

    • Totally agree with you. I get the circle of life, but it still makes me sad when osprey occasionally swoop down and get squirrels. I would have been really sad if the eagle left with a duck quacking in its talons.

  • OMG! That is amazing photography taken on the spur of the moment. Could it be you missed your calling as a photojournalist.

    Kitty PoP was smart to dodge under the bed. In these parts, hawks have been known to carry off schnauzer-sized dogs and young puppies…and a hawk is nowhere near as big as an eagle.

    Thanks for the mention of my latest…uhm…enterprise. Liked your report on property tax in your parts — ours is relatively low, but we make up for it in high state income and city-county-state sales taxes. It’s always interesting to see how these things are done in other parts of the country.
    Funny about Money recently posted..For the Love of…well, of DOGS?My Profile

    • Thanks, Funny! Definitely didn’t miss a calling, though. I had my fun with journalism stuff pre-college and I don’t think it was really my thing. Oddly, blogging feels different. Wonder why?

      I think in general, Kitty PoP is pretty well protected inside of our screened pool enclosure, especially since he doesn’t stay out there permanently – plus he is a complete scaredy-cat and will hide at just about any noise that’s out of the ordinary.

      But screened enclosures aren’t perfectly safe – a co-worker swears that an osprey sliced through his screen and made off with a parakeet that he was letting live out in the open of his screened pool cage years ago. He came home from work and there was a circular hole sliced in one of the screened ceiling panes and his bird was nowhere to be found. He blames the osprey that was nesting a couple of houses over.

  • Those are great photos. Those ducks must have quick reflexes.

    Thanks for the mention.

    On another topic, my blog “Fix em Up Rent em Out” was nominated for Best Real Estate Investing Blog.” If you would like to cast a vote in support of mom and apple pie and my blog, the deadline is midnight tonight.
    Terry recently posted..Vote for “Fix em Up Rent em Out” Blog!My Profile

  • Wow! Those are quite the photos! Thanks for sharing them. Did you cat go nuts too? Ours sits in the window and ‘talks’ to the birds, she’d lose her mind if she saw anything like that!
    Catherine recently posted..Weekly Reads: 23.11.12My Profile

    • Kitty PoP chatters at the birds and other animals usually, but this was so loud that he ran and hid under the bed like the scaredy-cat he is!

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