Worth Mentioning #14 – Injury Edition


Kitty PoP with one of his favorite stuffed toys.

As I type this, I have BandAids on two of my fingers, and it’s a bit painful to type – so I apologize for the brevity of thank you’s this week. Don’t be too worried – I’m pretty sure I’ll live, I just managed to maim myself a little with a new mandolin vegetable slicer. But I can’t say Harry at Your Personal Finance Pro didn’t warn me about slicerslike this! Perhaps a klutzy person like me should just never have anything sharper than a butter knife =)

On to the thank you’s for the week.


Love From Others

Thanks so much, everyone – and as always, if we missed thanking anyone for mentioning PoP across the internet this week, let us know and we’ll fix it!


Love For Others

Again, I’m a wimp and my fingers hurt, so while I have much love for other bloggers this week, I will only point out a couple here.

  • Vanessa of Vanessa’s Money wrote Response To “Should Women Work In Male Dominated Professions” And Why I Will No Longer Be Reading Fabulously Broke. The post title’s a mouthful, but Vanessa tears down some of the ridiculousness in Fabulously Broke’s recent post about women working in traditionally male dominated fields. As a woman working in a male dominated field, I liked Vanessa’s defense and will also add this note: one of the best things about being a woman in a man’s world is how insanely short the lines for the ladies rooms are at conferences. There will be 20 men in line outside the men’s room, and I can just wander into the ladies room with no line. =)
  • Average Joe of Average Joe’s Money Blog wrote a guest post over at iHeartBudgets about What To Expect In A Financial Advisor. Average Joe would know, because that’s what he’s been doing for over 15 years. This post was particularly timely for us, as I ran across it mere hours after I had my first ever meeting with a financial advisor. And with 20/20 hindsight, I know I would have gotten a lot more out of that first meeting had I read Average Joe’s post first!


And like every week, I’ll end by saying how much we value all of our readers – and if you’d like to stay on top of what comes out of Planting Our Pennies, please subscribe to our RSS feed or email subscriptions and you’ll always get the latest and greatest posts from us!

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