Worth Mentioning #12 – Halloween Edition

Happy early-Halloween, everybody. Kids were out trick-or-treating at the mall yesterday, and we are all stocked up on candy for the neighborhood kids on Wednesday. So we are prepared.  No costume parties for us this year, but Kitty PoP put on the same Halloween costume he’s worn the last three years and had a little modeling session for my general amusement. Don’t judge.  It was a particularly rough week at work and I felt the need for some ridiculousness in my life to counteract it.

Mr. PoP thinks I’m crazy for this and his mom thinks Kitty PoP should be a model for cat calendars. What do you guys think?



In case it’s not totally obvious, Kitty PoP is a lion.  ROAR!  Pretty awesome, right? Hey – the costume was $6 three years ago. And as ridiculous as it is, it has definitely brought $6 worth of joy to our lives during that span.

Anyhow… on to the important thank you’s for the week.


Love From Others

As always, all of these posts have some great links – though if you’re looking for one with a bit of something different this week, go with Erin’s at Dog Ate My Wallet.  Turns out there’s more to life than personal finance, and she embraces those other sides of us as well.  Plus, she has pictures of dogs.

Love For Others

  • Prompted by an article by John Scalzi on being poor, CF at Outlier Model writes her own reflections on the topic in Being Poor In North America.  She links to the original thought-provoking piece – and I recommend reading both the piece and her reactions.
  • Over at Finance Fox, Eddie lets guest poster Daniel from Sweating the Big Stuff take the stage and try to convince Eddie’s readers that it’s a perfectly reasonable proposition to spend $10K on an engagement ring.  Would You Spend $10K on the Engagement Ring?  Heavens knows that Mr. PoP and I didn’t spend that kind of money on our wedding set.  We were lucky to have a beautiful hand-me-down set from Mr. PoP’s great grandmother that I wear (actual cost to us $35 to size it down, retail value – waaaaay under $10K), and his ring was maybe $300?  So you can guess what side of the ring debate we fall on.
  • 101 Centavos decided to stop kvetching about ObamaCare and put some thought into figuring out how to profit from it in Investing In Fatties, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love ObamaCare Part 1.  I am eagerly awaiting part 2.
  • Lastly, but somewhat amusingly, L Bee and the Money Tree is running a photo caption contest for a picture of her pup looking like a drunkard.  If you like drunk puppy pics – go check out the Caption Contest Murray Edition.  Again, animal pics brought me joy this week.  If you need the cute animal pick me up, too – I won’t judge.  =)


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I’ll just leave you with one more slightly blurry action shot of Kitty PoP from the photo shoot.  The lion mane makes his little yawn look somewhat ferocious, no?


So what do you think?  Could Kitty PoP be a cat-calendar pin-up?

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