Worth Mentioning #11 – Bernie Edition

I had the house to myself on Friday night since Mr. PoP had a work thing, so what did Kitty PoP and I do?  We watched Bernie.  No – not Weekend At Bernie’s – but Bernie, a movie about the murder of a mean, rich, old Texan woman by the most well-liked man in town who did the deed with a .22 caliber armadillo rifle before stuffing her body in a freezer for 9 months.  The movie apparently came out in 2011, but I hadn’t heard about it until April when the NYTimes magazine published a piece by Joe Rhodes, the nephew of the murdered woman, about the murder, the movie, and the absurdity of it all.  Take 10 minutes and read it: How My Aunt Marge Ended Up In The Deep Freeze.  A particularly choice paragraph from his article…

“… the whole thing felt like farce from the moment it happened, even to the family. I mean, seriously, under the chicken potpies? Shot and then frozen by the nicest man in town, who spent her money to finance the Boot Scootin’ Western Wear store (and also, it turned out, some German gay porn)? How is that not funny? There has been some talk that, if the movie does well, a producer might even be interested in a Broadway musical version. This does not strike me as a terrible idea.”

After reading Rhodes’ piece 6 months ago, I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out on DVD and to find an excuse to watch it.  Friday night was just that and it was so worth the $1.27 in Redbox fees.  What makes this movie so ridiculously funny is how little they strayed from the truth to tell it.  If you have 104 minutes of free time and $1.27, this is a hell of a way to spend it.  Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey and Shirley MacLaine… Here’s the trailer – but I think the movie’s actually much funnier than the trailer.

Anyhow – on with all the thanks and shout outs for the week.


Love From Others


Love For Others

While there is little that can bring me as much entertainment as the surprised look on Jack Black’s face as he shoots Shirley MacLaine in the back four times with an armadillo rifle, these pieces came close this week.

  • Since it’s election season, the Planet Money Team from NPR consulted with a group of economists to come up with an economist’s dream presidential candidate.  Eliminating the mortgage tax deduction, legalizing drugs, taxing employer provided health insurance…  But the best part when they create fake political ads and talk to a focus group about the ideas.  Great series – start from the beginning here: A Tax Plan That Economists Love And Politicians Hate.  If you caught any of the series – what did you think of some of the political agendas the economists created?
  • There also seemed to be a theme going on out there where different financial bloggers were looking at Gen Y and wondering… “WTH?”  TeacHer Finance pondered why on earth young people would deem Social Media Access As An Important Work Benefit after seeing an infographic on the matter.  Daisy over at Add-Vodka asks Is Entrepreneurship Dying with the younger generation?  And Sam over at Financial Samurai gets pretty blunt with Are Gen Y Millennials Screwing Themselves On Purpose?  All good posts around the same general theme… that something is different about students that are graduating into this economy after being coddled by mom and dad through the boom years of the 90’s and 00’s.
  • Canadian Budget Binder has started his participation in the Welfare Food Challenge where he is attempting to spend no more than the average welfare food allocation on his grocery budget for the next month.  In Canada, that’s $26/week.  [I know there were weeks in college that I ate on about that out of Philadelphia food trucks.]  Not quite sure what the average food stamps are in the US – but it’s an interesting experiment and I’m curious to see how it will pan out for him.  Mr. PoP and I have talked about participating in a challenge like this, but decided there’s no way I could do it until the running season has tapered off (I’ll be eating more and more as my running kicks into higher gear now that the weather is improving and races are starting).  But if you need food stamps you don’t really get the luxury of saying when you’ll use them.  An unexpected reminder of how lucky we are to not have these worries – precipitated a little donation to the local food bank on our part.

Have a good remainder of your weekend – and stop by tomorrow when we’re going to have a special little two part series hosted by Planting Our Pennies and 6400 Personal Finance written by Mrs. PoP.

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