Worth Mentioning #10

This was was the first time the temperature here has been below 70 degrees in months. Sure it was only for a brief hour or so at 5am, and there was still 90% humidity, but I enjoyed every second of that run. Here’s a little picture that I just had to stop and take.


I know Florida ends up being the butt of many jokes around the nation – the Sun Sentinel Flori-duh blog provides a wealth of anecdotal evidence to support claims that the sun may kill brain cells. But, we really enjoy living here – at least at this point in our lives, so we’ll just have to put up with another election season with jokes about dimples and hanging chads.

And now on to everyone we’d like to thank this week – and there are quite a few.


Love From Others

Thanks so much to everyone that took the time to link to one of our posts this week. It means so much to us to think that people are enjoying our musings, and really hope to keep bringing good stuff your way!

If you happened to see PoP around the net and we missed acknowledging it, let us know and we’ll fix it!


Love For Others

And here’s some reading that if you haven’t seen yet is well worth hopping over to catch.

  • Funny About Money’s post Medicated America: Our Brave New World was prompted by a piece in the NYTimes Attention Disorder Or Not, Pills To Help in School that talked about the increasing tendency for doctors to prescribe ADHD meds to students that wouldn’t have necessarily been diagnosed ADHD a few years ago. Rather than fixing nutritional or family stability problems that are contributing to a kid’s lack of concentration in school, it’s becoming acceptable to just drug the kid. Both Funny’s take on this and the original article are well worth checking out.
  • Savvy Financial Latina is encountering some pretty hefty Issues With Marital Finances as she and the hubby work out some kinks in how they manage their money as pair with conflicting values that are a bit exacerbated by uneven earnings. The post is a few days old now, so I’m not sure if she has used any of the advice that was left for her in the comments – but give it a read and contribute your thoughts to her as well. I hope they work through these issues and figure out their money priorities together.
  • Over at NZMuse (the recent rebranding of eemusings), check out the stories and pictures from her recent road trip around the South Island in New Zealand. The story starts in the post Road Tripping the South Island: From Penguin Watching To Cruising the Milford Sound and continues for the next several posts. Even if you just go to check out some of her pictures, it’d be well worth the clicks to get there.

Hopefully the weather’s nice enough in your neck of the woods that you can spend some time outside after working your way through that hefty reading list!


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