Worth Mentioning #1

Love From Others

We still feel like we’re just getting started here at Planting Our Pennies, but it’s worth mentioning that we did get a little love from some other financial blogs for the first time this week. Yay!

We’re up to a whopping 5 likes on Facebook and 7 followers on Twitter, so join in the fun, and let’s get together…
Okay, so maybe including that song from the Parent Trap was a bit much. I think I watched my older sister’s VHS of this movie too many times in the 80’s. Let’s not tell Mr. PoP that I put that video in here. Can it be our little secret?
Anyhow… Hopefully we can keep cranking out some posts that you guys want to read – and if anyone is interested in having Planting Our Pennies write a guest post for your blog, send us an email! (I promise not to include any lame duets from 1960’s movies.) We’d love to write guest posts for other bloggers and have guest posts here on Planting Our Pennies!


Love For Others

There were quite a few great posts by some top-notch bloggers that we ran across this week, but one of the themes that stuck out to us was the discussion of buying vs. renting when it comes to where you live.

If I missed any action on the Rent Vs. Buy debate from this week, throw it out there in the comments.
Until next time!

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