Why Being Short Is Awesome

For today, a quick post on happiness – since we really don’t dwell on our happiness nearly enough in life…  


There are things in life that you can control, and things that you can’t.  Your height, unfortunately is one of the latter.


Things Can Seem Grim For the Short Person

When studies come out that show tall people earn $789 more per inch every year, you’d think I might be a little bitter that the CDC puts me in the 25th percentile height-wise.   The 25th percentile means that for every four American women my age in a room, three of them are going to be taller than me.  It’s not freakishly short, but I’m a consistent “front-row” person in group photos.  Which just adds insult to the statistically diminished earning power that short people have.

Then there’s Randy Newman who had to go and write the song “Short People”.  The lyrics say it all… “Short People got no reason… Short People got no reason… Short People got no reason to live.”

His sad, sad lyrics and comic voice almost makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry, huh?

But It’s Not All Bad News For The Height-Challenged

  1. Short people experience the world instants faster than tall people since our nerve pathways are shorter so it takes less time for sensory information to get to our brains.
  2. I never have to pay extra for an aisle seat or more leg room on an airplane.  In fact, I have yet to find an airplane seat where I don’t comfortably fit.
  3. Clothing stores haven’t picked up on the fact that there are fewer short people, so there tends to be decent selection of “S” pants and “petite” styles on clearance racks.  And if you’re not embarrassed, you can probably even shop in the kid’s section for clothes (or shoes!).
  4. If your partner is taller, you can get amazing calf muscles just by standing on your toes to kiss them.


There are things we can change, and things we can’t.  My grandmother would insert in here a prayer asking for the wisdom to know the difference.

And it doesn’t make sense to be unhappy about the things we can’t change.  Being short is one of them.    Like the First Rule of Improv (Yes, And…) says, we should accept it and move forward in a direction we want to go.  Perhaps its easier said than done, but until we make it a priority, it’s not going to happen.


What’s something that you can’t change, so you’ve just let go worrying about?  

51 comments to Why Being Short Is Awesome

  • I am 6’4″ and I don’t feel like I am earning more than my shorter counterparts.
    Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted..How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?My Profile

  • HAHA, I love #4! My boyfriend is a foot taller than me so more often than not I’m on my tiptoes when I want to kiss him. That, or I’m wearing heels. Either way, I’m working my calf muscles 😀
    Manda recently posted..Cherry LipsMy Profile

  • Love this post, Mrs. PoP! I am tall (5’9 ) but our number 2 daughter is short, and I always try and encourage her about what a blessing it can be, since the rest of us in the family are “tallies”. I especially agree about the great clothing options for shorties!
    Laurie @ The Frugal Farmer recently posted..Fire!My Profile

    • The only thing that sucks about being a shortie in a family with taller folks are the hand-me-downs. I’m 4 years younger than my sister, not to mention shorter, so her hand-me-downs would fit me YEARS past the age that she outgrew them. It’s a good thing I was pretty oblivious about fashion because I rocked hand-me-down Jordache jeans waaaay past when they were in style.

  • I’m about 5’3 and Greg is 6’3. I was hoping that my kiddos would get the tall gene but it’s not looking good. My one year old is in the 10th percentile for height and weight! My 3 year old is in about the 30th percentile. Oh well.
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Invest in Gold for Extra CashMy Profile

    • I’m sure your kiddos will rock being short if that’s where they stop, but I’m of the opinion that our birth “heights” aren’t indicative of much. I just looked mine up, and it says I was “above the 95th percentile” for length at birth. And look at me now =D

  • I’m 5’2! I rock being short and petite. A lot of people have told me that I don’t seem short because I have a personality that makes me seem bigger. LOL.
    Another benefit of being short is maneuvering through crowds! I can always fit through smaller pockets in between people, and thus get to places faster, especially when it involves free stuff!!!
    SavvyFinancialLatina recently posted..What Do You Do For Fun?My Profile

    • I totally know what you mean about seeming a different height because of personality! Some of my friends refuse to believe I’m that much shorter since they just don’t see me that way. =)

  • I’m below the 5th percentile for both height and weight. I’ve never felt… smaller. I’m 4’11” and my husband is 6’1″, I have been scolded by tall female friends for taking one of the tall men off the market, but it works (something about opposite attracting). I definitely take advantage of shopping in the kid’s department. Their clothes are cheaper and have a better color selection!
    Rachel recently posted..HidingMy Profile

    • If that’s you in the pic – love the feather! Mr. PoP is “only” 6′, but before him, I somehow ended up with guys who were 6’3″ and up. I have heard the comments from other girls, but hopefully they’re all in good fun.

  • Rhea

    I’m 5’2 and I love being short! The only part that is hard sometimes is if I wear flats I do tend to look like I could pass for 19 (ok, that’s getting less common these days I’ll admit), and that was not so great at my professional job. Otherwise, I really like being a small person.

    • Yeah, I’m told I look a lot younger than I am, too. I think it’s part of not wearing a whole lot of make-up, wearing flats, etc.

      Totally hear you on the shelves. If Mr. PoP puts something away that I’m looking for in a shelf above my eye level I can look for hours before finding it. =)

  • I love being short. I’m 5’2 and my only complaint is I tend to look a lot younger than I am, so I am not always taken seriously. I would also love to be able to reach the upper cabinets in my kitchen without the use of a chair…but otherwise it’s great!

  • This is a bit macabre but… Tall people are more likely to get cancer because we have more cells 😉 I read that awhile back and cursed these legs of mine!
    Vanessa recently posted..Volunteer TeachingMy Profile

  • I’m tall but have friends who curse being short and would commiserate with you. In fairness, being taller than average is a mixed blessing too. 😀
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted..The Myth of NoMy Profile

  • I LOVED this post! Being short is awesome. I may be bias though…I’m almost 5’2 :)
    Girl Meets Debt recently posted..My Frugal Habits BEFORE I Started BloggingMy Profile

  • How fun! I’m of middling height, but shorter than my family so I get teased. My jeans are never high waters though!
    Kathleen, Frugal Portland recently posted..If not online dating, then where do you meet people?My Profile

  • Being tall is definitely not all it’s cracked up to be! A lot of girls say they wish they were as tall as I am (I’m 5″11) but it’s very hard to get pants that are anywhere near long enough. Which sounds petty, but trust me, spending three hours shopping and not finding a single pair of trousers that don’t expose your ankles is pretty frustrating.

    I’ll be passing this post on to a few short friends :-)
    Sophie recently posted..Product Road Test: Easiyo Yoghurt MakerMy Profile

  • At 6’2 I’ve gotta say that being tall is pretty awesome too! I never have to worry about my view being blocked in a crowd :) Tall women are hard to come by too, it’s hard finding someone that doesn’t have to stand on tip toes to look me in the eye!
    The First Million is the Hardest recently posted..Finding The True Value Of Free TimeMy Profile

  • My Mom is barely 5′ and has a really hard time finding clothes that don’t need alterations. That would be a bummer, but I can’t imagine her as a tall person. She’s who she is. I am 5’7″, which is actually a great height for just buying clothes off the rack.

    I hate my hair. It is flat and straight and without a blow dry, looks like a wet rat. I used to spend lots of money trying to change it, but I could be bald, so I try to be grateful. I also am a natural born klutz, but it has made me work harder to be athletic. Short people aren’t usually clumsy. Maybe it’s that low center of gravity!
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Reformed Spenders Adjust to Life on a BudgetMy Profile

  • You must have plenty of leg room everywhere you go! Another thing you should be thankful for is regular sized beds. Im only 5’11” and sometimes my feet dangle off the end of the bed. I also believe i remember reading about how short people live longer than tall people because their heart doesn’t have to work as hard… but don’t quote me.

  • What’s the thing I can’t control? I’m incredibly attractive. It’s a curse. I try to deal with people staring at me all day. Stop staring at my comment! It’s tough….
    AverageJoe recently posted..How to Cut Your 2012 Tax Bill TodayMy Profile

  • Nice post! My mom is barely 5 ft and her brother is even shorter. I believe my mom has a cousin who is a little person, barely 3 ft. I managed to grow to being 5’9” to my mother’s delight. My husband is a couple of inches taller than I but I still enjoy kissing him, regular calves and all 😉
    I fly a lot and my number one issue is not being able to enjoy a flight because I have especially long legs…so you really lucked out there lol!
    K.K. @ Living Debt Free Rocks! recently posted..In The Eye Of A Financial StormMy Profile

  • PK

    Don’t agree with Randy Newman? Neither do I.

    Somehow I got the height genes on my dad’s side of the family – the shortest male on my mom’s side is 6’1″, my grandfather. My father is 5’8″, but probably 5’7″ now due to the insidious effects of gravity over time. I’m 5’10” or so when I wake up, which is supposedly 2″ above the average… but the average is increasing, and I’m sure in some time I’ll be shrinking.
    PK recently posted..Is There An Alternative to Student Loans?My Profile

  • Karen

    I’m between 5th and 10th (5’1″) for all races.
    Didn’t read the intro but since when are races: white, non-hispanic; black non hispanic; Mexican American? What happened to Asians is this survey?

    I find all airline seats uncomfortable at least a little because my feet aren’t flat on the floor.

    There are moments when I wish I was taller, but my height doesn’t bother me. And I don’t wear 4″ heels to compensate!

  • Karen Anne

    I thought that song was hilarious, but it got pulled from some stations because it wasn’t pc.

  • I always say things like “good things come in small packages”. Or something is short and sweet, just like me.

    We have a step stool in the kitchen for me to reach things in the cupboards. :)
    MakintheBacon$ recently posted..GUEST POST: The Introvert’s Guide To Networking Without Selling Your SoulMy Profile

    • We have a step stool, too! It was one of my first purchases when I moved into an apartment on my own and realized I couldn’t reach the tops of the cabinets =)

  • My grandmother recently told me she wanted a pair of winter boots. I always ask her if there’s anything she needs and she’s never actually answered. So when she did I was shocked and pleased. Only problem, she wears a size 5 in women’s shoes. Unfortunately LL Bean no longer makes a size 5 women’s shoe because nobody has feet that small. Nobody except for my 5 foot tall 100 pound grandmother. No love for short people!
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..Flood Your Car to Save MoneyMy Profile

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