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  • My sister got her car loan from a credit union at an insanely great rate, too. Credit unions really seem like great options if you can! I don’t know how it works, but the fact that you and the husband can joint up your accounts from two different banks is AWESOME. Best of both worlds!

  • my husband moved to my national bank when we got married, but we kept his small credit union account and i added my name to that as well. Online banking is a ton easier at the large bank, but for loans for th future (ie, car, house) we like to rely on the credit union because they have better rates.

    • I’ve been surprised at how well our credit union has kept up with online banking. We even have an iPad app for the credit union – that works like a charm.

  • CF

    We used to be with a credit union for our mortgage. However, we found that they didn’t have the willingness to work with us to get us the best rate when we wanted to refinance to get a lower interest rate. My main bank is a major institution – they’ve always provided me with the best and most consistent service that I’ve received at any bank.

  • After I wrote my post about the fun fund I reorganized and renamed all my chequing accounts. The credit union I’m with sounds a lot like the one you’re with actually.

  • […] to do so. Why? Well, basically Mr. PoP’s primary financial institution was a credit union (PSECU), and mine was a big nationwide bank, so all we did was make the accounts joint at both […]

  • […]  I’d also signed Mr. PoP up for free credit score monitoring from our fabulous credit union (PSECU), a benefit that’s apparently been offered for a while but we had never taken advantage of. […]

  • A.D.

    I have been with PSECU for several years and I have had more negative experiences than positives. When dealing with any business, you never know who you will get on the other end of the phone, and with PSECU I tend to get females that have let the imaginary power they feel that they have go to their heads. Again there are some very nice people that work there, but they also have their share of spiteful ignorant individuals. I recently began to receive “larger than my norm (in their words)” deposits. Well for some reason that was a red flag to them and I was also making larger more frequent purchases. Well my card was declined several times when making these purchases because of the various fraud alerts they have set up. I would call them to have my daily limit increased and fraud alerts taken off and still would have a problem. When I would call PSECU, they would tell me it was declined due to a different type of alert and that they would maintenance my account. Well I just became frustrated with it and began to use a different bank for my deposits and purchases, to avoid the issues all together, but it was very frustrating and outright ridiculous. My most recent experience that has brought me to this review is also causing me to look elsewhere for my banking completely. My account is in my maiden name and has been since I opened it several years ago. I have paid my mortgage out of this account for many years as well. Well when I began to receive the large deposits in my account they were sent in my married name, so I received a call from one of the their “wonderfully spiteful representatives” telling me that they would send back any wires that came in my married named, so I needed to change the name on my account. I told her that I would love to change the name on the account (by the way I hyphenated my married name on to my maiden so it is very clear to see my maiden name to match it to my account), but the bank is an hour away from me and only open during my working hours, which causes a dilemma for me getting to them in order to change my name. The only other option is for me to mail and or fax a copy of my SS Card and license. I would be a fool to do so; anybody will tell not to fax, mail, or email a copy of either of those items unless you want someone to steal your identity! So I told the lady I would not be mailing or faxing my information, but I would try to get out there the next time I had a day off and they are open. She assured me that any wires that I had coming in with my maiden name only would be returned. I told her I understood and I made a phone call to remove my maiden name from the wires to avoid the issue (I ended up having the wires go to a different bank any way after all the issues of my card declining). So last week I received a letter from my mortgage company stating my electronic check was returned stating “no account/unable to locate account”. That is funny since I have been paying my mortgage from this account for years. This was spite from the “darling” woman at PSECU.

  • Gail A Winterbottom

    I, also have been a member of PSECU for decades (at least 3) and have watched their evolution into a fantastic organization that always puts the customer first. I have financed my cars, refinanced my homes and taken full advantage of their free billpayer and other online services since they were first offered. Both my son and daughter-in-law have had their accounts there together and before their marriage with utmost satisfaction. I have only positive things to relate and too many to share.