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Bam, Kittens! This is Kitty PoP.

Hello! If you’ve never been to our site before, here is a quick intro. The Planting Our Pennies tagline is “Money, Happiness, And Kittens”, so in that spirit, here are some of our favorite posts in each of those categories.


Since we’re aiming for financial freedom in our 30’s, money is something we think about a lot. Here are some of our favorite posts.


Money’s great – but it’s not worth much if you’re not happy, right? Here are some of our favorite posts we’ve written about dealing with happiness and stress.

  • Find a Sanctuary – Since we’re pretty introverted, sanctuaries help us recharge.
  • Income Inequality In Relationships – Making different amounts of money can definitely affect a relationship’s dynamic and the couple’s happiness. This is our take on it.
  • Guilt Over Quitting A Job? – Doing what’s best for you might not always be what’s easiest if you’ve got a healthy guilt complex. Mrs. PoP’s BF encountered this dilemma with a great job offer.


And if you want some more adorable Kitty PoP pictures, go ahead and take a look at the pics in these posts!

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