Thursday Rant

I’m not normally a ranter. I’m at a pretty good place in my life where Mr PoP and I have a lot to be happy for. I much prefer spending my energy being grateful for those aspects of my life rather than letting myself get worked up about something that I have little (or no) control over.

But this week, I’m ranting. I’m taking over the Thursday Rant at 1500 Days. But check back in tomorrow for our Happy Friday post, taken over this week by Mr 1500.

So follow me over to 1500 Days for a good rant.

2 comments to Thursday Rant

  • EL

    Sometimes a good rant is all you need to distress. Good luck with tomorrows post. HAHA
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  • “Good luck with tomorrows post. HAHA”

    That sounds ominous EL! Please don’t scare the Penny Planters. I guarantee* that the material I put together for their blog is top notch. You know how “The Great Gatsby” is often referred to as the Great American Novel? Tomorrow’s post will go down in history as the Great American Blog Post**. Word on the street that this post is up for a Bloggie***. That is like the Academy Award, but for bloggers.

    **More lies.
    ***I just made this up. Like right now.
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