Worth Mentioning #38 – Backpack Edition


The other day I was talking with a colleague at work who was complaining about having to buy her kid yet ANOTHER backpack for the new school year. Her kid is a lot like I was when I was in high school: taking honors and AP classes and lugging around multiple text books and […]

Worth Mentioning #31 – Wells Fargo Credit Score & Report

WF Free Credit Report Brochure

First things first. Happy Birthday! What, it’s not your birthday? No matter, we still have a present for you.

Well, the benefactor is not so much us as it is Wells Fargo. And the “you” is limited to Wells Fargo customers. But it’s still a great present!


Worth Mentioning #28 – Princess Bride Edition

Ugh. Somehow it snuck up on me this year and I didn’t realize that today was the “spring forward” day for daylight savings time until last night. It hit Mr. PoP pretty hard, too. As he was changing the clocks, he remembered that scene from the Princess Bride where Wesley is having his life sucked […]

Worth Mentioning #8

Well, my mom is here. Apologies must be made in advance because we may not be the most responsive over the next week or so as I do my best to make sure she doesn’t learn about our personal finances – or the blog! And by that I mean being a good hostess. =) I’m […]

Worth Mentioning #7

We were reminded of Mr. Money Mustache when out browsing World Market the other night. Don’t worry MMM, we didn’t buy these or anything else!

I was at the dollar store this week, and right next to the several rows of Halloween goodies I saw it and was terrified. An aisle full of Christmas […]