Really, I’m Not Kidding – Move To Florida!


This guy loves living in FL!

One of my friends who lives in DC loves to complain about paying federal income taxes every year – ironically he’s a federal government employee so his salary is paid out of federal taxes. Nonetheless it’s pretty predictable that at least once or twice around March or […]

How to do taxes-DIY or pay the man?

Not Cherry Blossoms, but these are blooming down here now.

It’s getting close to mid-April, and so many minds are tuned in to what’s happening in DC. While I wish it was the National Cherry Blossom Festival (which ends on April 14th) that has DC in the forefront of our minds, sadly it’s the […]

Why We Can’t Itemize Taxes

Kitty PoP was getting a little cuddly while I was typing this post. Apparently he loves talking about taxes. =)

With all the fiscal cliff talk bouncing around the media these days, there’s been a LOT of talk about the future of federal income taxes. One piece of the discussion that I find interesting […]

IRS Double Standard – How Much Is Hair Worth?

So I was doing a little organizing recently and went through my pile of “tax papers” to see if they were all worth keeping. Amongst them was my donation acknowledgement card from Locks of Love. If you’re not familiar with it, Locks of Love is a 501c3 charity that makes real hair wigs for kids […]

401K Teamwork

Mr. PoP and I have generally taken a pretty “hands-off” approach to our 401Ks over the past few years. Although we work for different companies, both of our employers use Fidelity Net Benefits to manage our 401Ks, and we have greatly relied on one aspect of it – the automated annual contribution increase.

Basically it’s […]