He Said She Said: On Superstores

Mr. PoP hates shopping. He hates shopping for new clothes. He hates doing the weekly grocery shopping. And I sometimes wonder if he’s capable of buying bath soap if I weren’t around. [Wait, scratch that. His bathroom was always stocked when we were dating, so at least he WAS capable of that at […]

A Lesson On Double Counting

Kitty PoP doesn’t have a “teacher hat”, so this one will just have to suffice…

Today I’m putting on my “teacher hat”, because lately I’ve been seeing some pretty blatant errors in “double counting” in some other personal finance blogs out there. So pull up your chair, and let’s have a quick lesson.



Recent Reads – The Power of Habit

So this isn’t really too recent of a read, since I read it when it first got to our library about 5 months ago. But, when I was writing tomorrow’s post on double counting, I had to include some thoughts on this book. Don’t berate me for the short post – there will be a […]

Cheap Or A Good Value – The Chefmate

I’ll cop to being pretty cheap in general, especially when it comes to things I don’t use very often. But over the last few years I’ve started to figure out that the cheapest option is not necessarily the best value. One of the earliest times I really internalized that lesson happened just a couple of […]