We’re Vested… Now What?

We're vested!  photo credit

We’re vested! photo credit

When I logged into my 401K account recently I got a fun surprise. After five years working at my current employer, I am officially fully vested in the employer contributions to my 401K. (For those not familiar, this means that the matching funds my employer has been putting in […]

PoP Balance Sheet – September 2012

Good growth here on the PoP balance sheet as well. We’re continuing to knock out some good growth on the assets side while also hacking away at those liabilities. Our total assets went up ~$7.4K with most of that in retirement stock funds. Our total liabilities dropped by ~$5.2K, so they are also moving […]

401K Teamwork

Mr. PoP and I have generally taken a pretty “hands-off” approach to our 401Ks over the past few years. Although we work for different companies, both of our employers use Fidelity Net Benefits to manage our 401Ks, and we have greatly relied on one aspect of it – the automated annual contribution increase.

Basically it’s […]