Actual Cost of Owning A Pool – Part 2

It’s the season of home-buying, so we wanted to prepare a little PSA on the actual cost of owning a pool for you guys when you’re out looking at fancy-pants pool homes.

View of our pool from the bedroom.

This is Part 2 of a three part series, so feel free to […]

Actual Cost Of Owning A Pool – Part 1

Summer is approaching and people across the US are heading out to buy homes. You didn’t know that? April – July is the heaviest season in the US when it comes to home buying. And since pools tend to look the most tempting in those warm spring and summer months, we wanted to give a […]

The Joneses? Never met ’em…

You know that family down the street that we’re all theoretically aspiring to keep up with – the Joneses? We’ve never met ’em.

This is how Kitty PoP sits in the front window. You’d swear he had no shame. No. Shame. At. All.

Actually, despite the fact that we’ve lived here for more than […]

How We Decided To Self-Insure

The Bad News

It all started with an innocuous looking envelope in the mail from our homeowner’s insurance company. They were writing to let us know that when our policy would be renewed (in several months) the coverage would change as they would no longer be covering:

“any structure enclosed by screens on more than […]

A Death in the Family

We recently mourned the death of Quattro The Pool Cleaner, our pool vacuum. Quattro had been one of our first purchases when we bought our house almost 3 years ago, and had been considered a loyal employee for much of the time since then. We had to replace a couple parts on him a few […]