Worth Mentioning #38 – Backpack Edition


The other day I was talking with a colleague at work who was complaining about having to buy her kid yet ANOTHER backpack for the new school year. Her kid is a lot like I was when I was in high school: taking honors and AP classes and lugging around multiple text books and […]

Worth Mentioning #37 – Vote In The Plutus Awards

Okay, summer’s over. Got that mother nature? School buses are back on the roads. Kids are back in school. And in one final attempt to make mother nature realize that I wanted it to be winter this week, I went ahead and cooked up a big batch of my TVP chili, something I don’t usually […]

Worth Mentioning #36 – Overdue Edition


July has come and gone, now. It’s actually hard to believe how quickly it flew by. The local kids have been out in full force enjoying the last couple weeks of summer vacation and I’ve spotted them skateboarding, fishing, and hanging out on the beach a lot lately despite the heat. And I use the […]

Worth Mentioning #35 – RIP Google Reader

If you’re a regular user of Google Reader it should come as no shock that Google’s pulling the plug on its reader tonight. Farewell, Google Reader! You will be missed. But for PoP readers who are still looking to get their fix of blogs after Google Reader is gone for good, feel free to subscribe […]

Worth Mentioning #34

Why did the turtle cross the road? Well… it didn’t, actually.

It’s a nice relaxing weekend here in the PoP household, just trying to get caught up on a few items before the week starts in earnest tomorrow. We got some pretty heavy rain that disoriented a few of the local turtles. Luckily Mr. […]