Kitty PoP and The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

I’m just going to lay it out there. Kitty PoP is weird.

Who are you calling weird?

I never had a cat before Kitty PoP, so wasn’t aware they could have such distinct personalities like this. But even Mr. PoP (who grew up with lots of cats) attests that Kitty PoP is one […]

Why We Can’t Itemize Taxes

Kitty PoP was getting a little cuddly while I was typing this post. Apparently he loves talking about taxes. =)

With all the fiscal cliff talk bouncing around the media these days, there’s been a LOT of talk about the future of federal income taxes. One piece of the discussion that I find interesting […]

He Said, She Said – Holiday Gifts For The Renters?

Since our last He Said, She Said on buying A $2K tube amp was a hit, we’re going to try it again.


The Background on Today’s Conversation

Kitty PoP gets to be the moderator in these debates…

We’re now in our second holiday season with our $50K duplex fully rented. Unlike last […]

PoP Income Statement – November 2012

The appearance of a box in the house is reason for Kitty PoP to get excited!

Mr. PoP had a pretty fabulous month income-wise, so we’ve got some pretty strong numbers to report, even though November is also typically a very big spending month for us. Travel for Thanksgiving is pretty much always an […]

Worth Mentioning #12 – Halloween Edition

Happy early-Halloween, everybody. Kids were out trick-or-treating at the mall yesterday, and we are all stocked up on candy for the neighborhood kids on Wednesday. So we are prepared. No costume parties for us this year, but Kitty PoP put on the same Halloween costume he’s worn the last three years and had a little […]