Happy Friday! Stretching Boundaries For Tiny Pleasures


This is what we hope to be the inaugural post in an intermittent series that we’re calling “Happy Friday!”

Our Happy Friday posts will delve a bit deeper into our views on happiness, and how that influences our philosophies on the other two top priorities in our lives – money and kittens. Some […]

The First Rule of Improv: Yes, And…

If you’re following us on Twitter (and really, why not go ahead and subscribe to the Planting Our Pennies RSS feed while you’re at it!), you may have noticed when I posted a little tweet about being suckered into attending an improv class about 6 weeks ago.



Just in case you’ve blocked the […]

How Do You Go From Minimum Wage to $80K In A Year? Part 3

In case you didn’t catch Mr. PoP’s first post, this is the last post in a series on how he went from a minimum wage job to making $80K in a year through commission sales positions. Here are the links to the all the posts in the series if you want to start at the […]

An Open Letter To Susan Cain, Author of Quiet

Dear Susan,

Please forgive the informality of calling you by your given name without our ever having been introduced. You see, after having recently devoured your book, I feel as though you know me (and vice versa) so much better than the fact that we are complete strangers might otherwise suggest.

I don’t know quite […]

Find a Sanctuary

When Mr. PoP and I started Planting Our Pennies a few months ago, we talked about what we wanted to write about and came up with: Money, Happiness, and Kittens. (Hence the subtitle of our blog!)

And while we’ve gone on at length about some of the money issues that we’ve encountered in our relationship […]