Should We Close The Home Equity Line of Credit Early?

Mrs. PoP had to tell Mr. PoP how to spell this!

Our HELOC (home equity line of credit) is a line of credit that was extended against the value of our investment duplex (which didn’t have any other mortgage liens against it). Having dumped about almost $60K in cash into the duplex over […]

More Family And Money: They Don’t Want It Back!

Z here belongs to Mr PoP’s parents.

Mixing family and money. It’s never simple, is it? In case you’re new here, we’re not in the habit of over-sharing money matters with our family. That we reserve for our little corner of the interwebs here. But, family and money come into play for us largely […]

PoP Income Statement – September 2012

Inspired by Dooce, I tried to see if Kitty PoP was willing to balance anything on his head… I got this one of monkey balanced on his head before Kitty PoP threw back his head, knocked monkey off, and caught monkey in his mouth on the way down. Kitty PoP really is a killer. […]

Prioritizing Debt

When we look at our balance sheet, it’s always a good check-in at all the different entities to which we owe money. On the most recent balance sheet we have: credit cards, car loan, HELOC on rental property, family loan, and primary mortgage on our home.

It’s a lot of debt to pay off if […]