DIY – Strip Wax Off Linoleum Flooring

New Clean Linoleum!

Regular readers here know that we have a duplex that we rent out. But for us it’s not really a passive investment. Rather than handing off the investment to a property management company, we’re in there actively ourselves finding new tenants, and DIY-ing as much of the maintenance and repairs as we can.

Our […]

PoP Income Statement – June 2013

Welcome to our June 2013 Income Statement!

This is Highlighter Monkey, he’s a backup to Kitty PoP’s favorite monkey and is ridiculously colorful.

Mr. Pop and I put these income statements together for two reasons. First, we want to be transparent about our finances because we’re trying to be role models for other people […]

AC Replacement Deferred: We Gambled And Lost

A new AC system costs how much?!?

Just over a year ago we had a heck of a weekend with one of our rental units. On a Sunday afternoon, our Renter called us up and told us: The AC isn’t working. Oh, yeah. And the washer hasn’t been working for the last month either. […]

How To Look At Real Estate Values

Okay, I’m a nerd. For an example, please refer to the DCF analysis I ran on our duplex.

Not the view from our duplex, but it is just 30 minutes away!

And unlike elementary school where having a mind more prone to pattern analysis than understanding social dynamics was a definite drawback, as adults […]

He Said, She Said – Holiday Gifts For The Renters?

Since our last He Said, She Said on buying A $2K tube amp was a hit, we’re going to try it again.


The Background on Today’s Conversation

Kitty PoP gets to be the moderator in these debates…

We’re now in our second holiday season with our $50K duplex fully rented. Unlike last […]