Pimp The PoP’s Garage – Part 3 – Saving $$ Through Organization


We’re finally starting to see some real progress now that we’re months (!) into our DIY garage renovations. For new readers, feel free to start along at the beginning of the garage process with:

Part 1 – Planning Part 2- Picking a Pretty Water Heater Bonus Garage Post – FPL On Call: Discounts on […]

Extending the ~5 Year Consumer Product Lifecycle


It was just about five years ago that Mr PoP and I combined into one household, and it’s now been more than four years since we moved into our awesome little house. And you know what I’ve been noticing over the past six months or so? Stuff’s starting to wear out.

And it’s really annoying.


Pimp The PoP’s Garage – Part 1 – Planning


Well, it’s finally happened. We’re finally ready to call the priest to perform last rites on the water heater we were convinced was on its last legs on the day we moved in. The water heater is old. 28 years old to be precise. Consumer reports pings the average lifespan of a water heater at […]

DIY – Strip Wax Off Linoleum Flooring

New Clean Linoleum!

Regular readers here know that we have a duplex that we rent out. But for us it’s not really a passive investment. Rather than handing off the investment to a property management company, we’re in there actively ourselves finding new tenants, and DIY-ing as much of the maintenance and repairs as we can.

Our latest […]

Easy DIY – Get Rid of Fluorescent Lighting

When we recently wrote about Our Love/Hate Relationship With Our Older Home, one of the things that came up in the comments section (thanks to commenters Karen and DC from Young Adult Money) was dealing with one of the unfortunate side effects of buying an older home. In particular, figuring out what to do with […]