AC Replacement Deferred: We Gambled And Lost

A new AC system costs how much?!?

Just over a year ago we had a heck of a weekend with one of our rental units. On a Sunday afternoon, our Renter called us up and told us: The AC isn’t working. Oh, yeah. And the washer hasn’t been working for the last month […]

Debt And Wealth Creation: A Delicate Symbiosis

Like most other Floridians, I did not grow up here. I grew up in land far, far away with far less humidity. So, I tend to look with awe upon some of the ways that plants just “magically” grow around here. Will I ever get used to ferns like this just randomly growing out of […]

Worth Mentioning #2

Old and new... 7 years hasn't changed the way they look on the outside much, but wow, the speed difference is wonderful!

So another week has gone by here at Planting Our Pennies, and we’re continuing to make progress here on the blog readership front. If you’re a return visitor, please consider signing up to get our posts delivered to your email or RSS reader. We’d also love to interact with you guys beyond the comments pages […]

Prioritizing Debt

When we look at our balance sheet, it’s always a good check-in at all the different entities to which we owe money. On the most recent balance sheet we have: credit cards, car loan, HELOC on rental property, family loan, and primary mortgage on our home.

It’s a lot of debt to pay off if […]

The Onion…

…nails this one.


Couple Has Nest Egg Of Debt To Make Sure They’ve Got Some Money To Owe Down The Road